Young master

Chapter 9

"Mother may hate me, but don't you dare accuse my daughter. After all, she is still your granddaughter, my daughter."

Amelia said with teary eyes. He didn't think that his mother would say such contemptuous things to her daughter.

"Anyway, don't want to know, Esmeralda, that we have to restore stability to the company, no matter what, this is her responsibility," said Rose Tones.

After saying that, Rose Tones walked towards the car. Erina Tones, and Khan didn't make a sound either, they also got back into the car.

Amelia looked sadly at Esmeralda. However, he was unable to speak.

"That's the kind of family you defend so desperately. Are you really happy, if they continue to treat this family unfairly?" said James Wade.

Amelia felt her chest tighten. "It's all because of Jeremy! What an unlucky man," Amelia Tones muttered.

"Just keep blaming my husband, Mom. If you continue like this, we'd better get out of this house," said Esmeralda.

Amelia turned to he
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Rias Ardani
which part explains, that Esmeralda is a lesbian ?
goodnovel comment avatar
Carlos Aguayo
even if you miswrite he or she anyways it's an interesting story
goodnovel comment avatar
Carlos Aguayo
so the daughter it's a lesbian is merried to a girl just don't get it why her name is jeremy

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