Because of arrogance

Young master


"Have you bought the present?" asked Esmeralda, when she saw Jeremy enter the house.

"Yes, it's on the motorbike," replied Jeremy.

Esmeralda followed her husband's footsteps into their room.

"What's going on downtown? I'm sure it's all related to you," said Esmeralda.

Jeremy lay his body weight on the bed.

"The maid was so arrogant and kicked me out so many times and humiliated me," Jeremy said, rubbing his face.

"And you leveled the top shop? Amazing." Esmeralda clapped her hands. "In time, your identity will be revealed by itself, because of who? Because of you," shouted his wife with wide eyes.

There was regret in the young master of the rich family's heart. Next time, he would be even more careful.

"You're right, it's my fault for not being careful."


Albert Tones' face was smiling brightly, this is his happy day, where every year, he always celebrates a pretty lavish party.

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