Young master


"Relax, you misunderstood me, honey."

"Misunderstood? I can still hear clearly, that you asked the old man on the phone earlier, to kill Miss Wage."

"Eliminate, in the sense of keeping him quiet, Otherwise, he will be very dangerous."

"Dangerous how?"

"If Roberto Mose is after us, this quiet life, it will be difficult for us to get. Do you want? If I, have to return to Yuzong city?"

Jeremy Mose looked at his wife intently. He knew the Mose family very well, he didn't want Esmeralda to be in danger, if he was targeted by Roberto Mose, her older cousin.

"Ehem...." a voice cleared from a distance. Esmeralda and Jeremy turned their heads to the source of the voice.

Jack Catwalk approached the two. "You're forgetting something! As gentlemen, I keep my word. This is the key to my luxury villa. It belongs to Esmeralda, and my lawyer will prepare the papers tomorrow," said Jack Catwalk.

"Are you sure

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