Young master

Chapter 14

"I can't help but wonder if this is the right choice. Honestly, it's hard for me, leaving my old Mom and Dad alone," Esmeralda whispered, as Jeremy Mose entered their room.

"I'm sorry, it seems I made it difficult for you and your family again. Do you want to stay with them instead?" asked Jeremy.

"You mean?" Now Esmeralda sat facing her husband seriously. "Are you planning on taking me to them? And living in the villa Mr. Catwalk gave me?"

Jeremy smiled faintly. "If you really want to be with them, then you must be willing to follow mother's wishes."

"And you?"

Yes, I'm with you, wherever you go. But one thing you have to remember. Our situation will be a little difficult later there, because I can't control anything in front of mother."

Esmeralda was silent for a moment, as she thought of a way out. After all, this was hard for Esmeralda.


"Sir, they left the hut last night," Roberto's

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