I miss you


A knock on the bedroom door was heard, William and Aluna turned towards the door.

"Get some rest, I'm going out," said William to Aluna. The woman nodded and obeyed, whatever William said.

Currently, Aluna Welas's state of mind is unstable, thus making her choose not to talk much.

William got up and walked into the room, then opened the door. The male servant stood in front of him.

"Sir, up ahead there is Mrs. Tones coming to visit," said the man.

"Mrs. Tones? What's the need?"

"Sorry sir, nothing explained. Only he said, there is an important business, which requires you to see him," explained the waiter.

"Hhhmm, fine, I'll go see him right away, ask him to sit down first to wait for me."

"Yes sir." The man saluted again, then hurried away from William's presence.

"Why did the old lady come to see me," breathed William displeased. The man came out while closing the bedroom door, and walked into the living room.

In the living room, his presence was greeted by sweet smiles fr
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