Chapter 70

Aluna Welas had been listening to all the conversations between the Tones family and her husband in the living room.

Until now William was in the restroom, Aluna slowly opened the room, which William forgot to lock.

The woman was surprised, when she saw the entire wall of the room, covered with pictures of Jeremy's old face, with Esmeralda.

"You..." William was surprised, when he saw the figure of Aluna, standing tall in front of the door, with an expression full of disappointment.

"What does all this mean?"

"Why are you here? This is my private room! No one, is allowed to come here, without my permission."

"Even though your own wife?"

"Yes! This is privacy, you have to keep your boundaries," said William. The man, he was feeling right now, wasn't feeling well.

He really wanted to scold Aluna at this time, because it was presumptuous to open his private room. But with all his might, William held back.

"Go away, I don't want to argue."

Aluna took a breath, and immediately wa
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