"Divorce? Don't dream, unless you want to get out of this palace, without children!" said William.

"Do I have to go out alone? Remember William, if I wasn't in the wine villa at that time, they would have died, like that evil old man," said Aluna coldly.

"I'm lazy to argue, I need calm!" exclaimed William.

"I also need peace, I think that life with you is a happy path, for me, for my children. In fact? I don't know, it hurts so much, living with a man whose body is mine, but whose heart is with another woman?" Aluna pouted.

"You know nothing about my feelings."

"I know."


"You are a very selfish man, Mr. William...."

"Go to sleep, you need rest and quiet, don't you? Go to sleep, Luna."

Aluna Welas snorted. "Apparently you want to play with my patience Mr. William. Well, don't let your regrets."

After saying that, Aluna Welas just left. William was silent, contemplating his attitude, contemplating Aluna's words.

Has he gone too far? Of course. William has difficulty co
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