His True Face

Damon's fingers gripped her shoulders tightly, holding her against his chest. As a result of their proximity, Sarah felt his heart beating against her back but she failed to notice that the intervals between each heartbeat lessened as time passed.

Before they could get too engrossed in each others warmth, Damon tightened his hold on her shoulders and easily lifted her into the air then swivelled on his feet and dropped her behind him. Sarah stiffened and stood silently in place like a statue even when he placed her feet against the floor. She was too overwhelmed by both her near death experience and Damon's abrupt appearance.

"Alexis, I suppose you can tell me what's going on here?" Damon boomed, facing the three girls that had been rendered dumb by the power of fear.

Alexis who was under the impression that Sarah fell because she poked her, flinched as her face drained of colour. Guilt didn't run through her despite her thoughts, she was simply scared for her life, so much so that she wished she had not dared to encounter or even spoken to Sarah. She had a vague idea of what would happen next but she couldn't bare to imagine herself in that position. She had been living here for five years straight and now, she was about to get in trouble because of a filthy woman who had just arrived hours ago? Over her dead body!

"She was the one who started it first!" Alexis cried, pointing at her with a petrified finger. Though Sarah's eyes widened at the false accusation, she didn't feel the least bit sorry. Lying was her only way out of this situation. "I was just going about my business when she threatened me!"

"Is that true?" Damon turned his head towards Sarah, eyes looking as cold as ice. She wasn't an idiot. She could easily tell that he was angry, very angry. But what made her quiver was the fact that his anger was directed at her, the innocent one.

"I-I d-didn't-" she swallowed, fiddling with her fingers nervously. She desperately wanted to speak up for herself, but Damon's cold gaze stroke fear into her. It was her first time seeing him in this state. Last time, he had gotten angry at her for no reason but this time was different, it didn't even seem like he recognized her as his mate neither did it seem like he cared whether she was scared or not.

"Are you incapable of speaking? Do I need to draw an answer out of you myself?"

She flinched at the threat. Why was he angry at her when she didn't do anything? She looked up at the woman who had framed her, eyes catching the way her lips twitched upwards for a second then downturned once more. She was enjoying this...That much was obvious. Her friends were silently standing by her, so they were just as bad as she was.

Sarah frowned and directed her gaze back at Damon. To put it simply, he looked just about ready to murder someone....She couldn't just sit and let herself get accused. "I didn't t-threaten anyone." From the corner of her eyes, she saw Alexis stiffen, but she didn't let that make her waver. "She was the one who approached me and accused me of-"

Damon's command stopped her midsentence. "Trixie, Haguy?" He jerked his head towards Alexis's lackeys. "Take her to her room. I'll deal with her later."

"What?" Sarah looked at the back of his head with confusion swirling in her eyes. "I didn't do-" before she could finish her sentence, the two girls rushed over to her, each grabbing an arm. She continued to plead as they began to drag her away, but Damon didn't even bat an eye much less look at her.

A few seconds later, she was harshly shoved into a bedroom, after-which the door was rudely closed in her face. She didn't dare to open it herself as she was scared that the action would only aggravate Damon. With a sigh, she sat silently on the floor. Her mind was a complete mess at this point. Damon had disregarded her side of the story and had taken Alexis's side rather than hers. It was either he didn't trust her at all or he had too much trust in Alexis.

Sarah didn't know what torture he had in store for her...and she wasn't sure if she wanted to find out. Just thinking about what laid ahead, made her face pale. Mr Knack's tortures were unbearable so only God could tell how cruelly she would be tortured by the Alpha King himself.

'I'll deal with her later.'

She remembered the last words Damon had uttered and a shiver instantly wracked through her. His voice had sounded so deadly and frightening. Sarah couldn't help but conclude that maybe life with him wouldn't be so perfect after all, even with all the luxuries considered.

Clenching her eyes shut, she allowed herself to lay flat against the floor, dangerous anticipation coursing within her. The floor didn't feel anywhere near as cold as in her cell, but it still managed to remind her of her time there.

She drew her legs closer to her chest then sighed once more. Before long, a sleepy feeling overtook her and she slowly caved in to sleep. A few moments later, the door was pulled open and someone stepped in. Sarah instinctively opened her eyes for a second and was met with Damon's cold gaze. Due to her sleepy state, her mind failed to process the danger she was supposed to be in now that he had arrived in their room.

So without thinking too much about his presence, she closed her eyes once more and was seconds away from drifting away into wonderland when one hand slipped beneath her back and the other slipped underneath her legs. Sarah unconsciously nuzzled into his warm embrace and shifted herself in his arms so she could get more comfortable.

"I've dealt with her for you..." Damon whispered, but his words didn't quite register in her mind because by then, she had already drifted away to sleep with tingles running wild on her skin.

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