His Weakness

"Kiss her."

"Kiss her."

"Kiss her."

Damon's eyes couldn't cast away from her lips, his brain had long ceased its normal functioning and to make things worst, his wolf counterpart was pushing forward, trying to force himself to the forefront of his mind.

"If t-that's true t-then----then w-what did y-you mean when y-you s-said you'd 'deal w-with me'?" Sarah was expectantly staring up at him, desperately waiting for a valid response to her question. However, Damon hadn't replied....and it didn't seem to Sarah like he was going to anytime soon. He wasn't even focused on what she was saying, instead, he was focused on something else, something that made Sarah's cheeks instantly go red....her lips.

He wasn't about to do what she thought he was about to do, right?

He answered her question when he began to lean forward, hazel eyes clouded over with an emotion that wa

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goodnovel comment avatar
Agreed !! Acting like an idiot is not cute
goodnovel comment avatar
She’s a frickin idiot
goodnovel comment avatar
ok now she is just being stupid. if you know about mates then you know why he is pissed. She is getting a bit annoying

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