The journey wasn't a long one for Damon. It didn't feel that way at all, but it was in fact two hours since he had been running through the woods on all fours. The distance probably didn't bother him because of how pumped he had become after his talk with Sarah. She was finally coming around and all he needed to do now, was to get this over with so he could patch things up properly. It was also a huge relief that he'd soon have absolutely nothing to do with Katie. All she had ever been was a wormhole in his life...even now. Besides, not having her around was better for Sarah since there would be no room for misunderstandings anymore.

Damon shook his huge wolf form as he finally set his thoughts aside and skidded to a stop once he reached the spot where a vibrant red cloth was tied to a tree. This was it, the spot where he was supposed to rendezvous with those stupid hunters. Yet for some reason, he couldn't hear, smell nor see them. His face contorted suspiciously. What kind
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PetaGay Thompson
Katie betrayal again..what will Damion do to her this time
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updates please!!!!............
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Cathlyn Nolen-McCollum
Hurry up Damon and pick up the smell of her blood

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