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Sarah's eyes fluttered open and all that she could see was complete and utter darkness. Ignoring the pain that scourged her hand, she twisted around unto her stomach and climbed to her feet. Her beady blue eyes surveyed her surrounding, looking and searching for any source of light. When her eyes pinned on the streak of light escaping through the crack on the wall to her left, she quickly sped over to it. But in the process, her gaze met the unclear sight of splattered blood on the untiled floor. She squinted as her trembling legs slowly turned in that direction.

Though she couldn't see very well, she could make out numbers carved into the floor beside the stale blood. Three familiar numbers... 154. How could she not have remembered the same numbers that were burned into the side of her neck? And this was the dungeon that she had been kept in all those years...or at least what remained of it. Why did they bring her here? Why here of all places?

Was t
Daii MO

What will happen to Sarah? How will she get out of this alive? Don't forget to comment your thoughts and also rate this story!

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PetaGay Thompson
wait wat.. omg..Damion better hurry up
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Wait what ?!!! Noooo way !!! Quickly come save her !!!
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Can*…. Wait after I posted this I remembered lol

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