I Finally Found Mr. Right

With frantic movements, Tan slithered his hands over the thin fabric covering my body, his mouth leaving sloppy, openmouthed kisses along my neckline as I stood still, sandwiched between the wall and his sweaty body.

His hands roamed downwards, cupping the left cheek of my ass and squeezing it lightly. I groaned, not in pleasure but in annoyance. I didn't want him to treat me like a delicate prize he just won...I want him to ravish me with the aggressiveness that a man should have, not with these stupid, impatient touches.

Hopefully, his little junior isn't as small as I think it is. I certainly don't want to make the biggest mistake of my life by sleeping with an idiot who's thingy is smaller than my pinky. 

I met Tan a few minutes after arriving here at the club. I had been sitting at the bar when he came up to me, reeking of alcohol and his body swaying across the floor. We exchanged names and a few more words then we kick started our make-out session. At the time, I thought 'first come first serve' but now, I FULLY regret it. I honestly should've chosen the skinny bartender who was staring at me instead. Maybe, he would've been a lot better than this useless punk.

Oblivious to my displeasure, Tan kissed all over my face before finally letting his lips connect with mine. His tongue moved hastily while mine barely moved...His eyes closed while mine remained wide open...His hands explored my body while mine laid limp at my sides.

Judging by the hard rod rubbing against me, his lust was quite intense...As for me, I was just there, unstimulated, annoyed and frustrated.

Ugh! Can't he see that all his efforts are going in vain?

In the midst of it all, my disinterest was so great that I happened to have swept my gaze over the countless sweaty bodies residing in the club. What we were doing wasn't anything strange, there were even a few who were VERY close to having sex on the freaking floor...Yet there was a guy seated at the booth staring right at us, at me in particular. I had never seen him before but all I can say is, he is surely stunning.

He was dressed in a blue denim and a white T-Shirt that hugged his broad shoulders just right, doing nothing to hide his bulging biceps and muscular chest. And just below his sleeve, there was a tattoo of an animal of some sort...maybe a lion? Or a wolf? I can't say what exactly since I couldn't see it clearly from this distance. 

My gaze went upwards and our eyes locked. I stared back at him with just as much intensity as he did me so it wasn't long before I noticed that his gaze was not an innocent one. The look he was giving me was very close to a glare but raw lust swirled in those fearless ebony eyes of his, demanding enough submission to incite a needy tingling sensation in my prior unresponsive lower region. It's as if he was commanding me to shove this prick away and waltz over to him. 

And not to mention his lips...those juicy temptations pleaded for friction. 

His looks were extraordinary, absolutely out of this world. I fear that if I continue to stare without jumping into action, a bitch might steal my catch. I can't let that happen, can I?

I'm quite lucky to have spotted this delicious human being. Hopefully, he possesses the vigor and aggressiveness I craved.

With that thought, I pressed my palm against Tan's chest and shoved him back, separating our lips.

"Time's up, punk. I just found me a rare one," I told him, using the back of my hand to rid my lips of any remnants of our kiss.

Tan looked down at me, clearly confused. I rolled my eyes and patted him on the shoulder briefly before walking by him with swaying hips, ignoring how high up my thigh the hem of my dress was. If it rode up any higher then my underwear will probably be on display, but who cares? My potential stress reliever for the night seemed to like it, considering the way his eyes left mine and slid down to my long, creamy legs where they stayed for quite a while before drifting back up to my face.

When I finally stopped before him, his lips twitched into a sexy smirk, honing his growing attractiveness. He looked beautiful...even more so up close.

With a seductive flip of my hair, I boldly seated myself on his lap, wrapping my hands around his neck and entwining my fingers to keep him exactly where I wanted him. His hands immediately moved to my ass, kneading it for a few seconds before resting flat against it, probably admiring its fleshiness.

"You seem a bit...bored with that wimp over there," He rumbled huskily, referring to Tan who was watching us resentfully from the same spot where I left him. "Why don't you let me give you a good time?" He leaned forward and flicked his tongue over my earlobe.

I smiled, taking his actions and his pleasing choice of words as an invitation to slowly grind against him. I dipped my head down to his neck and grazed his skin lightly with the tip of my teeth then proceeded to suck on it.

Unresponsive for no more than a second, he crooked his neck for better access and tightened his hold on my ass, squeezing it...hard. I didn't mind the slight pain though, in fact, it felt erotic.

Grinning, I picked up my speed and relocated my lips from the slightly red area I had been sucking on to drift elsewhere. At that, his first groan climbed up his throat, and as a result, I didn't cease my assault on that particular spot.

As I continued grinding against him, the intervals between each of his groans became shorter, his breathing became ragged and his shaft grew against me, conveying his arousal.

I halted the movements of my hips and sat up, my eyes analyzing his provocative, lust filled form. His tongue abruptly showed itself, gliding over his bottom lip then retreating back into his mouth.

His rather sensuous actions had my gaze glued to his lips for a few seconds before reluctantly travelling up to his eyes. Without breaking eye contact, I leaned forward and sucked on his bottom lip, flicking my tongue over its soft skin.

And just like I wanted, he impatiently connected our lips in a bruising kiss.

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