Touch Me Roughly

My hands tightened around his neck as our lips aggressively molded together with a certain level of urgency that channeled our undying yearning for sex. Seeking greater pleasure, I was a second away from slipping my tongue into his mouth but he beat me to it, pushing his own pass my lips in one sexy thrust. His large hands moved from my ass to travel along my body as if it were his territory and his hot tongue roamed every inch of my mouth, sending shockwaves to my core.

I reveled in the taste of him and the feel of his hips pushing up against me as the kiss became even more urgent and sensual. His tongue expertly dominated mine that trailed behind his wherever it went, drawing a low, excited moan from my lips. But much to my dislike, he pulled back a little and licked his lips, his lust filled eyes staring straight into mine.

I was about to move in for another mind blowing kiss when his hand that was tightly gripping my thigh slowly slid upwards, riding up the dress further. My breathing ragged and my underwear dampened as he made the move of rubbing me through the thin cloth with his fingers.

"You're so wet, baby..."

My body burned as hot as fire from the anticipation and I moaned in response to his words. My desperate, pleasure instigated sounds seemed to work as a means of urging him to go further, because seconds later, he slipped my underwear to the side, letting his fingers directly brush against my wetness. They played with my clit torturously and occasionally encircled my hole, eliciting countless high pitched moans that I couldn't nor did I want to suppress.

"Mhmm...ah...uhh." My lips slipped ajar and my breath hitched when his index finger finally penetrated me. It slipped out of me slowly, then slid right back in with a greater force than before. The deliciously relentless heat in the pit of my stomach built rapidly at each thrust and I found myself grinding against his fingers, craving more friction.

He met my demands by adding another finger and his thrusts became harder and faster, driving me completely wild atop him. I was probably leaking like a river right now. 

I arched my back and my eyes rolled to the back of my head when he curled his long fingers inside me at just the right angle, pummeling straight up into my leaking hole. 


Seemingly taking pleasure in my screams, he continued to plunge in that spot every time, providing a delicious stimulation that was far greater than the rest. And as if that wasn't enough to numb my mind, his lips found the crook of my neck, sucking, licking and occasionally biting the frail skin. With another moan, I gladly crooked my neck, giving him permission to do as he so wished with my body.

I could feel eyes on me as his fingers guided me to the brink of pleasure, but I didn't care. There was never a time when I cared about anything, especially people, so they could talk all they want for all I care. I'm the type of girl who doesn't let things bother me. It's not that I'm careless, it's just that other people's opinions meant nothing to me. As far as I can tell, I'm better off this way.

Lips reconnected with mine once again and I immediately opened up, granting him entry. His tongue did wonders, slithering around in my mouth as if trying to take note of every little detail...that along with his free hand kneading my ass cheek and his fingers pummeling into me, were so overwhelmingly erotic that I soon disconnected our lips and threw my head back with a loud scream.

Realizing that my release was nearing, he trailed kisses from my jaw over to my earlobe, briefly sucking on it before whispering huskily in my ear, "Cum for me, baby."

As per his command, I finally orgasmed, drenching his slender fingers in white liquid.

Shuddering, my body fell laxly against him, breathing hard as I came down from my high. After a short fiddle with my clit, his fingers set my soaked underwear back in place before they receded to his mouth. With my face turned to him and my cheek resting against his shoulder, I watched through half-lidded eyes as one by one his fingers slipped into his mouth and came out cleansed of cum and glistening with saliva.

Seeing that, I could've sworn I came once more.

Just like he obviously did, I wanted more...I wanted that tongue he had locked away in his mouth to create sensuous friction against mine as I savored his delectable taste...And I wanted those sinful hands of his to roam every single part of me.

But most of all, I want him to fuck me...hard and drive me crazy with pleasure. 

From a first glance, I can easily tell that he's a playboy, someone that would have sex with just about anyone. Knowing that, I was all the more eager to go a round or two with him. Obviously, he had the experience...unlike the first dimwit who could barely even make me shiver.

My luck is finally kicking in, don't you think? It's been weeks since I've felt so undeniably good. Similarly, it's also been weeks since I've seen someone so otherworldly beautiful in this club. Most of the faces here were familiar since I've already slept with a few regulars. He however, seemed to be new in town. Perhaps, he moved here?

If so, he better be planning to live here forever because I want least for a few more nights.

His hands slid back down to my ass and kneaded it roughly. The feel of his still rock hard rod against me incited a familiar heat in my stomach once again. I half expected him to fuck me there and then --which I wouldn't mind by the way-- but he stood up, his hands on my ass keeping me hoisted against him.

"It's time for the real fun, Princess."

I have no idea where he's planning on taking me but it better be somewhere he could ruthlessly ravish me until I can't even remember my own freaking name...

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non virgins are boring to read when it comes to steamy/erotica book…also not a fan of slutty FL

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