Be Mine

If I choose one of them, then I'd have to live with the pain of killing the other. But if I choose neither, he'll probably kill them both and I'd be left with nothing.

My fingers shook at my side and my lips wobbled as they opened and closed. I can't possibly choose between two persons whom I love equally so my only option is to swallow my pride and do what has to be done...beg. Never in my life have I ever stooped as low as to beg for anything, but desperate times calls for desperate measures.

"P-P..." I gulped, trying to get rid of the knot in my throat, "P-Ple-"

"You'll have to kill us all!" Mom's firm voice came from behind me. I rubbed my chest and sighed heavily, thankful to her for cutting off the words that literally felt as if they were choking me.

But when I cooled down and her words finally soaked in my mind, my eyes widened and I turned to look wide eyed at the woman who had said the most ridiculous thing ever. Kill us all? She must be crazy c

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Ashley Boyce
good start to the book

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