The Call

I dont even know when I fell I asleep but that thirty minutes I mentioned turned into hours and then when I woke up, Kasan was out of sight. I didn't hear anyone downstairs either so the place was quiet as hell.

Considering that this empty house is a rare occurrence, I get the feeling something might've happened. They must have numerous enemies to clean up or perhaps they're handling some kind of drug deal...anything of that sort. It had been too quiet around here for far too long, I guess.

Well whatever. First things first...bath!

Throwing the messy sheet off my naked body, I climbed out of bed and practically bounced all the way over to the bathroom. I was feeling happy for two reasons: One, no one was here to nag me and two, Lucas wasn't present either...

I don't think they would've left him behind, would they?


On another note, I still can't believe Lucas has been one of Kasan's lackeys all this time...especially after all that's happened to us both. I never thought he'd even
Daii MO

So this was not what I planned, but I wrote whatever came to mind and ended up with this. I like this better tho lol Thoughts?

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