Who's The Monster?

Kasan's POV:

There are three things that I hate the most in this world: My father, my mother and....myself.

I've always had no control over my anger ever since I was young. While others feared what I would do if I was pushed too far, my father however, was ecstatic....or should I say proud. Kenley was nothing more than naive child and as the oldest, I was the one who was trained to inherit his position. I didn't know why but I liked the idea of giving orders and looming over others, so to say I was happy was an understatement.

Things only started to get out of hand when I had taken a few of my brawls too far. Father started doubting both my sanity and my ability to lead while my mother started to avoid communicating with me.

Henceforth, Kenley became their new hope and joy.

I was angry, but after a while, I honestly didn't mind. I couldn't hate my brother for stealing something he didn't ask for anyway....especially since he was now the only one who didn't treat me like I was some
Daii MO

I thought the story needed deeper insight on how they met and what happened with his father sooo here it is! Sorry if there are mistakes! Thoughts?

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