Human To Human

"I don't like you."

Those were the first words Kenley shot my way once everyone else had left the room. I wasn't surprised. I wasn't angry. I was just there....baffled.

They're brothers. Kasan is a werewolf. Kenley is a human.

From what Kasan told me, it's obvious that they're blood why? They have different hair colour but that's it, everything else screams family.

How can he even live amongst them like this? No. Better yet, why couldn't Kasan be the one who's human?

"Are you wondering why I'm here? A human?" He didn't hide the displeasure in his tone as he grabbed the stool Kasan had been sitting on and swerved it across the floor till it settled under his butt.

"And why I'm human and he's not?"

Am I that easy to read cuz that's precisely what I'm thinking.

If he is truly a human as Kasan says, what happens if they suddenly decide to change their allies? What if they suddenly want to get rid of him? What would he be able to do as a helpless human against overgrow
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