My Werewolf Boyfriend

"I'll be leaving you then." Chase shoved the duffel bag further into the room with his feet and gently gestured for me to step to the side before hurriedly pulling the door close, leaving me trapped with whom was my supposed mate.

How did he get in?!

I could suddenly feel light, cool breeze sweeping against my exposed shoulders, so perhaps he climbed through the window? He definitely didn't take the door route but to climb to this height? Is he crazy?!

I nibbled on my lip, pathetically finding a major difficulty in turning around. Is this where we hold a serious conversation? Kenley said he'd talk to him about letting me that what he came here for? To give me his verdict? But I'm sure I made it clear that I'd stay until they caught the nightwalker person. Could he be here just to talk? To convince me to stay?

But the necklace...

Even if I don't want it to, that kinda chances things.

"Aren't you going to face me? Or are you comfortable with everyone except me?" His words
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