Kasan's POV

...A person who could change expressions instantly...

Everyone who knew me personally has always described me in such a way, but today, it wasn't me who changed emotions within the span of a was Clara.

And I had no idea whether it forebode something unfavourable or not.

Appalled and confused, my fingers loosened their hold on her waist and slowly slid off her almost unblemished skin.

She wasn't glaring at me like she'd been doing before but I had no faith that anything would be much different than last time.

When Kenley told me she wanted to leave, I wasn't surprised....more like disappointed.

It's funny how we hadn't spent much time together yet I expected that she'd stay.


The air gave off an ominous vibe, like shit was bout to go down, but unlike what I'd have imagined, a tender smile broke out unto her face.

This sudden change in the atmosphere....what could it mean?

"I thought you said I had to be a good girl to get stuff? Right now it
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