#Chapter 15 – (Arina) – To Love and Be Loved

The night was beautiful; more so than usual it seemed. I sat in my wolf form, overlooking the riverbed. My blonde fur was still wet from wandering through the waters. I heard the deep growling of Jonathan close by as he found another prey.

I wanted to start acting more like a luna towards him; I want to be the wolf he deserves because he deserves the world. He’s always been there to protect me and to love me and I had never noticed. I’ve been so wrapped up with my own problems, with my father and my mother, that I feel I’ve been neglecting Jonathan and his needs as well.

Of course, he would never say that to me. He always says that he only ever wants to protect me and care for me. But I can still see the worry and the sadness that lingers in his eyes because he feels I’m not fully in this.

If only he knew how wrong he was.

If only he knew how much I truly loved him. The wolf in me craves him. The fire in me burns for him.

I wished more than anything that I had my mother here to provide
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