#Chapter 99 (Arina) – Nikini’s Funeral

A few days had passed since Willa and Greggory were defeated and locked away. Ronnie and Erick finally felt safe enough to return to Ironclaw full-time and stay in the house they took from Rock. Jessica and Spencer stayed in our guestroom because Jessica didn’t feel comfortable returning to the home she shared with Greggory.

She says there are too many painful memories that took place in that home in such a short time that she couldn’t bear going back there anytime soon. I couldn’t blame her. That was the house he was once married to Rachel in. That was the house where he nearly killed Jessica and she was trapped inside.

Spencer was glad to be anywhere, as long as he got to be near Jessica. I think she was still conflicted and confused about her own relationship with Spencer. She doesn’t remember anything from when she lost her memory; so whatever connection she once had with him, was completely gone. Except for the connection, she felt when she first met him.

She no longer trusted he
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