#Chapter 102 (Jessica) Trust

He was always around now; one minute he was a mystery guy in the town of Moon-Valley and now he was living in the room next to hers. Spencer. What kind of name is Spencer anyways? Why did he have to show up and turn everything around? Not that he did anything bad. Actually, he kind of saved her life and she would forever owe him that debt. But she didn’t want to owe anyone new a debt that couldn’t repay.

He was always looking at her with this loving admiration bullshit and she just got her heart ripped out of her chest by a man she used to look at like that. She thought she knew what love was and she thought she finally found her mate but ended up being a complete lie. She would be stupid if she fell for that again. She couldn’t fall for that again.

But Spencer didn’t seem like the kind of guy who would lie to her; then again, neither did Greggory. She knew Greggory her entire life and she thought he was someone she could trust. Sure, he was a flirt with the ladies around town and did
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