#Chapter 104 (Jonathan) -Overseer Tower

It was time.

It was time he finally took on the role as Overseer; officially. The world needed an Overseer, and he couldn’t delay the process any longer. They’ve gone too long without any actual order and because of that, so many people had gotten hurt. A lot of packs have been overturned; Alpha’s are abusing their powers and hurting their lunas.

Witches are being summoned and used for attack. It wasn’t fair to everybody to have to continue living in fear. Even when every obstacle that came their way was defeated, a lot of wolves still got hurt and killed because of everything that’s happened.

Arina’s mom, Jonathan’s dad, Jessica, Spencer, Anderson, Nikini, and even Arina at times have had it so badly this past year. He could hardly imagine what the rest of the world was looking like without Jonathan by their side.

He didn’t want to wait around to find out any longer. He needed to start being the Overseer that everybody deserved. He was ready to rise to the top.

He called his mom over
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