#Chapter 106 (Ronnie) – Wedding

Ronnie stood in the mirror, staring at her small figure as the white gown hugged her body perfectly. She wore a strapless wedding gown that had light pink flowers decaling the sides and wrapping around her waist. The dress flowed delicately around her legs and down to the ground, expanding its lacy fabrics around her feet.

She wore her hair down but pinned back with a white barrette that had small pink flowers entwined in it; her hair also had the same pink flowers looped around her curly locks.

Arina was in charge of doing her makeup and she did a perfect job; she made it seem like Ronnie wasn’t wearing any makeup at all, but it still highlighted her fair features, brightening them.

As she finished getting ready, Jonathan and some of their other friends were setting up the wedding venue at the Oaktree. Ronnie wanted to get married somewhere that was meaningful to everyone. She figured the Oaktree would be perfect, that way she knew Emlin would also be attending and a part of the wedd
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Tracy Smith
great story, loved it
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Sheila Harriss
what the hell ... update please
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when are you going to update please it's been months
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