CHAPTER 101: Almost Got Caught

CHAPTER 101: Almost Got Caught

No one’s POV:

While they were kissing, Heart was in deep thoughts. ‘He is just saying that because he wants sex. That is all.’ Heart thought and concluded that Cullen was not serious.

After kissing, Cullen stood up and wore his boxers and pants. Heart was watching his back view while he was fixing himself. She sat on the bed, covering her naked body. Cullen twisted his neck and looked at her. “Just rest there and sleep. I made you so exhausted, you deserve to take a rest.” Cullen said and then walked out of the room. He closed the door and left the office to attend a meeting with the executives.

Heart was just lying on the bed. She was still naked, enjoying the thick blanket. She smiled like crazy. ‘I don’t know if I am really a secretary or a princess. Hahaha, the way he treats me, I feel like I am a princess!’ Heart happily said.

Meanwhile, at the meeting. Cullen was doing great, his proposal was liked by many. His grandfather was feeling proud of him
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