CHAPTER 107: The Assurance From My Master

CHAPTER 107: The Assurance From My Master

No one’s POV:

Heart looked away. “Please leave. She is waiting for you, we should not do things beyond sex.” Heart sobbed.

‘Why is she like this? Does she like me? I don’t know but I want to assure her that Charlotte is just nothing.’ Cullen thought.

Cullen then grabbed her jaws and kissed her lips as his eyes closed. Heart’s eyes widened. Heart then pushed away Cullen and stood up. She turned around and wiped her lips.

“No, please don’t do this, I know what will follow next. Another sex and then we will go to work together, you should meet Charlotte tonight, she is waiting for you.” Heart refused to kiss Cullen back.

Cullen then grabbed Heart’s arm and pulled her into a hug, facing him. Heart was facing Cullen’s chest. He hugged Heart tightly. “Listen, I don’t know how you knew about our meeting but she just forced me to meet her to end her nonsense. I don’t like her anymore. She is just a past girlfriend who lied to me, who hurt me so much.
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