Chapter 6


The day after having runes marked on me is always difficult. Grace’s magical power surges beneath my skin looking for magic of my own to grab bond to. Unluckily for me there is no secret magic hiding within my body, so Grace’s magic attaches itself to the next best thing, my wolf. Lily howls in discomfort in my head as she tries to adjust to the new restrictions on her form. Grace started covering me in runes when I was fourteen to mask the arrival of my powers that don’t exist. Each week for a year she placed new symbols on my forearms until they were covered. I cannot help but frown when I look at them now. Just another reminder of the person that everyone was planning on me to be.

The runes along my back itch causing my skin to ripple uncomfortably. I just want to lay in bed on my stomach and eat ice cream all day but it’s Friday night and I cannot leave Sophie to run the bar alone. There is no one else to cover for me.

Pulling myself off the bed, I stumble acr
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