Chapter 7


“Don’t come near me again,” her words cut like a dagger in my chest.

Remaining bent over I clutch my balls as she storms away from me. Her dark black hair catches the moonlight causing it to sparkle with waves of purple. Even after she kneed me in the balls I am still ensnared by how beautiful she is. The bar door slams behind her, and I hear the deadbolt click shut.

“Ella,” someone calls from the opening to the alley. “Ella, Are you ok?”

The pretty boy, from the other night steps into the alley and stiffens at the sight of me. I straighten up as he slowly approaches me with his neck bared. “I am sorry, your Highness.” His voice trembles just speaking to me. “I thought I heard my friend scream.”

We both eye each other suspiciously. “She’s not here so you can go,” I throw my aura over him, and he shivers where he stands.

He turns to leave but stops when he is halfway to his car. My curiosity is peaked so I drop the aura, and he turns to look at me. “I am sorry
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