Chapter 13


“If you think we are done talking about last night you are mistaken,” I yell after his disappearing form. If he thinks I am going to be so forgiving he has lost his mind. Still, I run my thumb over my lips that are still tingling from the kiss. In this moment I know that no matter what my mind says, I am a goner. No matter where I go or how much I try to fight it, I will come back to him. I want Erebus Lyall, the fucking Lycan King.

“Shit,” I say, growling loudly in the night not wanting to admit the truth to myself yet.

Gramps’s voice rings through the night, “language, Young Lady.”

Turning on my heels, I stare at him through the darkness. “Oh you haven’t heard any language yet.” Stomping into the cabin I glare at them both. “Both of you will tell me the truth… now.”

Grandma Grace stands to object, but Gramps places his hand on her head and pushes her back down in her seat. “It is time she knows,” he grunts as he leans against the fireplace.

“Ten years ago witch came
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