Chapter 16


I cannot help but feel a since of sadness as I leave Alec's apartment. I just lost the first friend I made here in Colorado, and it was all my fault. I wanted to hurt Erebus like he hurt me, I am an awful person for using Alec the way I did.

“You are literally the worst,” Lily growls at me.

Wrapping my coat around myself I shiver against the night air that is chilling me to the bone. Looking up into the sky I watch the big snowflakes fall from the dark sky like stars falling from the night. Letting out a frustrated sigh, I walk down the dark empty streets in the direction of the Wolf's Den Bar.

"Hey pretty lady," a growl comes from behind me as I make my way up the street. Keeping my head down, I try to ignore the footsteps that are quickly approaching me from behind.

"Hey!" The voice growls again. "I am talking to you."

"Not interested buddy," I say over my shoulder, and I get a good look at the man coming up from behind me. His scent hits my nose and I spit out the
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