Chapter 17


The sound of snow crunching outside of the shed catches my attention. Quietly I move one of the tables up against the shed doors and I slip back into the darkness. Someone pushes against the doors of the shed with a grunt and the table inches away from the door slightly. Backing up farther, my back hits one of the tables and I instinctively duck under and pull the sheet down over the top. I hear the table scratch against the floor once more and I hold my breath, trying not to make any noise. A sudden gust of wind circles the shed, ripping it apart piece by piece. The witches have found me, and I am defenseless.

Gripping onto one of the legs of the table that I am under, I try to keep it anchored to the ground with my weight. The circling wind becomes stronger with each pass that it makes. The table that I am hiding under is rocking above me and my grip is becoming loose. The wind stops circling, and everything comes crashing to the ground around me. Raising m
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