Chapter 52


“What do you mean you can’t let me in?” I screech at the guard standing in front of the ballroom doors.

“I am sorry, Miss,” the guard says stiffly. “But we have been instructed not to let you into the ball tonight.”

“This is some sort of mistake,” my voice is shaking with embarrassment. “I am the daughter of the former Beta of this pack. The rightful Luna.”

“I was instructed to take you to the dungeons if you do not comply,” he says coolly with a bit of a smirk on his face.

“You will be the first to lose your position when I am Luna,” I scream as stomp away into the night.

Not wanting to face the embarrassment of going home and telling my father that I had been rejected by the King once again. I head into the woods near the ballroom and listen to the music wafting from the party that I could not attend. My hatred for that rogue grows by the day and I cannot wait to cause her down fall. Erebus will be mine if it is the last thing that I do.

“Shouldn’t a beauti
Solange Daye

Do you think these two will ever stop butting heads?

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