Chapter 56


The beacon of power that escapes my body rips my soul from its host. Silently I watch as if I am an outsider, an outsider that can only watch what is happening. Trapped in deafening silence I watch as tears stream down Erebus’s face as he carries me gently but quickly into the packhouse. I watch as the doctor did everything that he could to wake me, but nothing works. Erebus and the doctor speak to one another but all I hear is silence. The look of defeat on Erebus’s face is heart wrenching. Slowly I move to his side, needing to comfort him but my hands move through his body like mist.

Just then Grace bursts through the doors to my room and stares at my body in horror. Something is wrong I can tell by the way she is screaming at Erebus but once again all I hear is silence. The runes on my body are still glowing brightly on my arms like they were freshly carved into my skin with a knife, but as I look down at my own arms there is nothing there. Not one mark, not one scar
Solange Daye

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Kathy Aponte
Pretty powerful!!! Go Ella!!!

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