Chapter 57


Bursts of air whip in and around the circle of flames. Each burst causing the flames to shoot up into the air farther. Ella stands in the center of the circle holding her arms out to her sides commanding the two elements of fire and air. Grace is pushed closer and closer to the center of the circle by the ever growing flames behind her. Ella is not someone that I recognize at the moment. Her glowing emerald eyes and the careless look upon her face is terrifying. I don’t dare step between them because I do not yet know what Ella is capable of.

“I asked why you suppressed my powers for so long,” Ella yells above the roaring flames. Standing in the center of the fire with nothing on and her hair whipping around her face, as the bursts of air break through the flames, she looks like the most powerful force in the world.

Grace shakes her head and drops to her knees as Ella’s aura washes over her time and time again. “I needed to keep you safe until you found your mate,”
Solange Daye

Yikes! Hopefully Ella can learn to control her emotions. What do you all think so far?

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