Chapter 80


A blistering cold wind blows in from the North as we approach the outskirts of Lycan City. Wrapping my coat tightly around my ever growing belly I try to maintain some type of warmth on this cold night. All I can think about as we approach the Wolf’s Den is the defeated look on Grace’s face as I stared at her through Lilith’s eyes. Off in the distance I can see a cloaked figure waiting in the darkness and I know that she is waiting for me. Holding up my hands, I gesture for those that are walking behind me to stop but none of them do. Taking a deep sigh I place a barrier between the cloaked figure and the group of hunters and lycan warriors.

Stepping through the barrier I turn back to Erebus who is banging against the invisible barrier trying to break through. “Let me through, Ella,” he yells threatening.

“No,” I say in no more than a whisper. “This fight is mine and mine alone.”

“You cannot win this alone,” Erebus’s voice sounds panicked as he and the hunters and t
Solange Daye

Not going to lie. This chapter was emotional for me to write. The backstory that I have built in my head for Grace and Lilith is one of trust and love. I thought it would only be fitting that their stories ended together.

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cynthia vzo
Omg Solange you have made me cry
goodnovel comment avatar
Kim Tilbrook
It's Ella's fault Grace was killed - she should have gotten over herself and listened to the others - Walter could have shot Lillith before she killed Grace. I'm really not liking Ella being so selfish and stubborn to other's detriment.

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