Chapter 82


After the battle the wind no longer blows in strongly from the North. The Sisters of Wisdom have been put in chains and led off to the cells below the Royal Mansion in Lycan City. I watch silently as the those that are injured are helped to their feet. There is no line between lycan and hunter at this moment. Everyone is on the same team.

“You did an impossible thing tonight.” Someone says as they silently approach me from the side. I turn and see Sister Jasper watching as a lycan carries an injured hunter through the woods back to hospital in Lycan City.

“What was that?” I ask not taking my eyes off of my warriors.

“You brought together two enemies to fight for the future of all of our kind,” Sister Jasper says, and I cannot help but notice how her eyes flicker to the amulet that now sits in the hollow of my neck.

“The Sisters of Wisdom did not give us much of a choice,” I say in no more than a whisper.

“The lives that they took from us can never be replaced.” I r
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Louise Von Dohren Lane
So does that mean she can see her mom and new sibling??

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