Chapter 83


Erebus swings the door heavy door to the dungeons open and the smell of mold and urine hangs heavy in the air. Murmurs of chanting fill my ears as I descend down the stairs, but it abruptly stops when I reach the bottom. Giving my eyes a moment to adjust to the dim light I look at the cells that line the walls. Almost everyone one of them is full. During the battle I had only noticed the seven witches on the council, but it appears that there were many more fighting on their side.

As I reach the first cell I frown at the sight that is before me. A young woman with jet black hair is crouched on the ground like a caged animal ready to attack at any moment. Her body shakes with fear as I look down on her. I try to remember what Grace and Sister Jasper both said, to look with my heart. Closing my eyes I let out a deep breath clearing my mind. We I reopen my eyes the young woman is staring at me curiously. A bright blue aura surrounds her body. I attempt to look into he
Solange Daye

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Stacy Johnson
I would like for the next book to be about her pup.

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