Chapter 4

Nolan thought that she was pretending and acted deliberately like that in front of Ekta.

He said Twisted Skylars and asset, "What is the meaning of this? Is it so disgusting that you vomit like this?

Shyla shook her head. It's good, but I'm not used to the taste.

Nolan said sarcastically, "Are you jealous? I've been with Ekta for so long, but I've never seen you acting so weird today. Are you unhappy to have the position? As Mrs. Bernard without us in love with each other?"

Shyla and Nolan were childhood sweethearts and they had known each other for more than 20 years. Their parents were best friends and they had been engaged since childhood. Since Shyla was young and understood the love between men and women, she had been in love with Nolan.

This love lasted 13 years. Yet Nolan treated her coolly. He had never noticed that she had loved him for such a long time. Her love for him could have melted the hard stone, but it could not melt Nolan's, cold heart.

She had done many silly things for him, but he had never paid her any attention.

They were able to get married successfully because of Shyla's father, who entrusted Shyla to Nolan before he died and gave him all his assets.

Growing up spoiled, Shyla was ignorant of life. Her father was afraid that no one would take care of Shyla when he passed away, so he forced Nolan to marry her.

Shyla held tightly onto Nolan's hand and smiled with ease. "Nolan, I only have 10 months. I will not bother you after that. Don't worry, you'll be free, but please treat me well during these 10 months, can you?"

It sounded like a separation between them in death.

Nolan quickly pulled her hand away and stared at Shyla with incomprehensible eyes. She was so at peace that he was a little scared.

Shyla had been bothering him for so many years, how could she give up so easily?

"What's wrong with you, Shyla?" Nolan cursed in his heart and walked out in disbelief.

Nolan had been examining Ekta's wound just now. There was a large scar on Ekta's back, which was the consequence of saving him.

Therefore, Nolan had been very guilty all these years and promised to take care of her for a lifetime.

Five years ago, he had planned to marry Ekta. However, Shyla's father suddenly asked him to marry Shyla, so he had to put this matter aside.

Ekta had been with him for five years as his mistress.

"Nolan, will we really get married after ten months?" Ekta was a little uneasy.

She was afraid that these ten months were just a cover.

Nolan's head was full of doubts. He felt that Shyla had been bidding him farewell for the last few days.

"Yes, we will".

Ekta was delighted. She pushed Nolan onto the sofa. Kissing him, she put her hand into Nolan's clothes.

Nolan held Ekta's waist and kissed her without hesitation. He turned her over and pressed her against the sofa.

Suddenly, he looked at the sky outside. It was very late and dark, it seemed that it was going to rain.

Remembering that Shyla was afraid of the dark, he suddenly did not have the desire to continue with Ekta.

"Nolan?" Ekta called out.

Nolan let go of her and smoothed out his suit. "It's getting late. I have to go home. We'll have plenty of time to get along in the future."

Ekta's expression turned ugly. "You're going to see Shyla? Did you take pity on her?"

"Even if we are getting a divorce, I have to take care of her." This was the promise that Nolan made to Shyla's father.

Ekta felt unfair. Shyla had always been in between them, so they could never be together for the rest of their lives.

The lights lit up practically every corner of the office.

It was raining heavily and there was lightning and thunder from time to time.

Hugging her legs, Shyla sat stiffly on the sofa. She didn't like the weather as it reminded her of the incident with similar weather. She had been soaked all over when she had gone to send Nolan biscuits made by her.

She hadn't noticed that a thunderbolt struck in front of her by the door and it had cut off all the electricity currents of Nolan's home.

The loud boom from the thunder had made Shyla deaf for three days and the biscuits she had made had been burned.

Fortunately, she was alright, but it cast a dark shadow on her youth.

There was a flash of lightning, and the light went out.

Shyla looked up in shock. She couldn't see anything in the dark living room, so she took out her phone and turned on the flash. She wanted to call Nolan, but she gave up, knowing that it would be dangerous to pick up the phone on his way back home from the company at that hour.

She cowered in the comer of the sofa.

Shyla closed her eyes tightly. She looked up when she heard something. She jumped in fright when she saw a huge figure in front of her.

Before she could scream, the person turned on the flashlight and said in a hoarse voice, "It's me."

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