Chapter 5

It was Nolan, knowing that he had come back. Shyla's eyes filled with tears.

She quickly got up and held Nolan's shoulder. "Nolan, can you stay with me?"

Shyla could only beg Nolan to give her some warmth and a hug. Loving Nolan, Shyla was petty as she put down her dignity and ego.

She might realize it on the day when she would be heartbroken, but there was not any chance. She had promised to spend the rest of her time with Nolan.


Nolan hadn't had the heart to refuse. He had known Shyla for so long and, even without love, he treated her as his friend and family.

No matter how much he hated being bound with Shyla through marriage, he couldn't bear seeing her being frightened and uneasy at home.

Nolan carried Shyla into the bedroom to sleep. Then, he went to get some candles to light up every corner of the room.

Shyla felt a warmth in her heart. She was very content with him.

That night, after making love, Shyla held Nolan's waist while Nolan rubbed Shyla's back. He suddenly felt a bulge in her spine, as if her bones had been injured. According to his knowledge, Shyla was always well protected and she had neither been seriously ill nor injured. So how was it possible that she had a wound?

"What's that?" Nolan's hand moved toward her waist.

Leaning against Nolan's chest, Shyla grabbed his hand and placed it on top of his chest. "I bumped my spine. I'm fine now."

It was impossible that she was fine with the bone injury, but since Shyla did not say anything else, Nolan did not ask too much and gradually fell asleep.

Shyla could not fall asleep, especially when she was facing Nolan's face. She wanted to memorize his face, so she did not dare to close her eyes. Caressing his face, she thought that so many women could fall for his handsome appearance, yet he had been tied down by an ordinary woman like her.

Shyla smiled, thinking she was still very happy nevertheless.

Nolan's cell phone rang. Shyla was afraid of disturbing him so she put his phone in silent mode. Ekta's name was displayed on it, so Shyla had no choice but to pick up the phone.

I'm so afraid, Nolan. Will you accompany me?" Ekta cried on the phone.

It was raining outside. Shyla stared at Nolan who was sleeping with his arms around her waist. She decided not to wake him up.

"Nolan is asleep. You can talk to him tomorrow".

"It's you!"

After Ekta finished her sentence, Shyla hung up the phone.

Shyla was selfish too. Nolan was her husband and she wasn't generous enough to hand over her husband.

Every time she saw them hugging each other, her heart was like being cut by a knife.

Shyla absolutely wouldn't allow Ekta to ask Nolan to go to her at that hour. Shyla was Nolan's wife after all.

The weather was getting colder and colder. Seeing Ruhi knitting the baby's sweater, Shyla also wanted to knit a scarf for Nolan.

How happy it would be to see Nolan wearing the scarf she knitted every time he went to work.

After learning from the video clip, Shyla spent almost half of the day knitting the scarf.

It turned out that knitting a scarf was not so difficult to learn.


Nolan pushed the door open in a rush.

Shyla was very happy to see Nolan come back. She took the half-knitted scarf and put it on Nolan's body to measure. "Is the scarf suitable? When winter arrives, you won't feel cold when you wear it. I've just learned to knit, yet I managed to knit that much in a day. Isn't it great?"

Shyla lifted her head and stared at him. Nolan's face was filled with anger and his mind was not on the scarf. Instead, he removed the scarf and threw it on the ground in disgust. The sound of the bamboo sticks rolling off made Shyla's heart tighten. She stared at the scarf that she had knitted carefully until she hurt herself in astonishment and bit her lips.

Nolan grabbed Shyla's hand and pressed it against the wall.

It was so forceful, as if he intended to break her hand. "Did you deliberately hang up Ekta's call?"

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