Chapter 9

In one of the hospital rooms, sitting across from Nolan was a man in a white gown. He was Ivan Young, Ruhi's husband and also Nolan's best friend.

"Yes, Shyla came to the hospital. She's pregnant." Nolan's face was gloomy.

It seemed a guy like Nolan was having helpless moments like right now. While he was influential and powerful in the business world, he had some difficulties in his relationships.

His heart was blooming with happiness when he thought he was going to be a father, but his mind was in turmoil when he thought his child's mother was Shyla. He doesn't know what he wants, he doesn't know what to feel.

Ivan Young neglected his friend's gloomy face, as he continued to speak, "I heard Ruhi commenting that you are a jerk."

Nolan didn't care, as he was indeed a jerk when he was involved in Shyla's matters.

"However, Shyla loves you. After so many years,

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