Chapter 13

"Do you love Ekta that much?"

Shyla's eyes were brimming with tears. She had loved this man for so long, but he would always give her a view of his back.

Nolan did not hesitate at all. "What do you think? Of course, I only love her. Marrying you was not initially my intention. You know that. After divorcing you, I will marry her as soon as possible."

The divorce agreement landed in Shyla's hands. Looking at the several eye-catching words on it, Shyla gripped the paper. Their five-year marriage had come to an end only because of Ekta. She was willing to get a divorce from Nolan, but there was a big misunderstanding between them. Ekta would laugh gleefully and she would not die knowing this.

Shyla took the agreement into her hands and ripped it apart into shreds, and she tossed the shreds to the side and looked at Nolan with an expressionless face. "I've changed my mind."

Her words

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