Chapter 36

Ekta: "Hi Vivaan, Long time no see, How are you?" she said happily.

Vivaan felt his blood boil by listening to her mere voice. To conceal himself, he didn't raise his head. Instead of responding to her, " Have this dish, this is the signature dish of this restaurant, and it's delicious.", he said to the woman in front of him.

Seeing this, she felt embarrassed and cursed Vivan in her heart.

Ekta: " Hi Shyla, how are ......." her words were stuck in her throat, and she was surprised, as she eyed the woman who was in front of Vivaan.

She was wearing a simple white dress and light makeup with a simple neck-length chain having a star pendant and matching earrings and her hair was dropped back on her shoulder neatly, and she had beautiful eyes, and, with a mesmerizing smile, she looked pure, young, and gorgeous.

Listening to Shyla's name from Ekta's mouth, Vivaan's eyes turned red from the anger. He couldn't control himself and raised his head and glared at her.

The woman in front of Viva
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goodnovel comment avatar
At least it’s consistent, 4 mins per chapter. I think we’ve been reading about dinner for 5 “chapters” now.

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