Chapter 38

Aarvi: "Ohh! so, he is the Lester," she said, looking at Vivaan, " Nice to meet you, Mr. Lester," she said, extending her hand for a handshake to Lester.

Lester raised his eyebrows with amusement looking at Aarvi.

Lester: " Pleasure to meet you, Miss Aarvi," he said shaking her hand.

Aarvi: " you can call me Aarvi just like Vivaan. Don't you think, you're making me too big?" she said with a cute pout...

Lester and Vivaan were amused by her cute expressions and smiled with pleasure.

Lester: "Then, what about me? do you think I am too old?" he asked with a fake painful expression on his face.

Aarvi laughed out loudly looking at his face, and said, "you are a young and prominent CEO, so, I have to give respect to you and of course, you are older than me." she said playfully.

Hearing Aarvi's comment, and looking at Lester's face, Vivaan laughed out loud as he could not constrain himself.

Aarvi: "Sorry, sorry, I said wave something funny, Vivaan said so much about you, and Shyl
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Yadira Robles
love the story, please continua,
goodnovel comment avatar
I love this story but…. Shyla has stage 4 gastric cancer and Aavri just so happens to be a child prodigy that specializes in gastric cancer???

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