Special Bride To The Alpha
Special Bride To The Alpha
Author: digitsolutn

Meet Royalties

The wind was somewhat chilly. It was cool and embracing and for a while, it felt like it could sense the beautiful moment. The Alpha was going to celebrate his one year of being on the throne.

It was a beautiful moment and every loose end was being tightened to make the occasion a blissful one.

The cool weather blew into the house of the Alpha king; Alpha Raphael, the Alpha of the Blue moon park. Luna; Luna Kendra was seated, celebrating for the moment to come after all, her husband was the one being celebrated.

“Aah! I do not want that dress, are you crazy?” Renata, the first child of the Alpha  yelled angrily at the maids who were at her disposal.

They were all trying their possible best to make sure she was satisfied but all their efforts seemed to be in vain.

“Check this out, my lady” One of the maids suggested as she handed Renata a beautiful pair of shoes, a royal blue shoe with rhinestones that spoke elegance.

“You crazy animal! How many times do I have to tell you that I do not like blue! Blue is not for me dumbhead. Get that into your rotten skull!’ She screamed out in anger.

“I am sorry, my lady,” she pleaded. The maids were obviously displeased. Renata was never satisfied.

“Get out you all crazy set of idiots!” She yelled again and stood up to demonstrate her anger. Like ants trying to grab a piece of sugar, the maids were disoriented. They walked out quickly before Renata would lose her anger.

“Aah!” She yelled in anger.

“Aaaah!” Adrianna, one of the Alpha’s daughters yelled as she fought so hard. She was sword fighting with her father. The Alpha's favorite was hell bent on defeating him at all costs.

Of course, it was so early in the morning, Alpha Raphael still preferred it at that time of the day. He believed that was the best time for training. Sword fighting with Adrianna was not easy and Rapheal was not going easy on her. Adrianna was also not ready to give up.

“They got married and they all lived happily ever after!” Eva declared with a smile on her face as she read out some stories to Mabel, the chief maids of the pack. Mabel was in charge of monitoring the maids in terms of cooking and other chores.

“Brilliant!” Mabel smiled.

Everyone faced what excited them the most.

Days rolled by and it was the beginning of a brand new day. One which everyone was excited to see. The Alpha was celebrating a year of becoming a king of the blue moon park. Everyone was excited, even the  Luna. 

“Good morning father!” Alpha Raphael's first and last daughter cooed excitedly as they rushed in to greet him.

“Morning to you both”He smiled at them. He had just woken up a few minutes ago and was preparing to go out to exercise his wrist, of course, by sword fighting. He stood in front of the mirror as he turned back to them.

“Where is your sister? Where is Eva?” He questioned as he searched for his second daughter

“Eva?” The duo stared at each other in confusion, like they had no idea who Renata was. Ever since the Alpha got mated to the Luna, their union has been blessed with three daughters.

The first was Renata, their first daughter; of the age 19. Renata was a tall lady with long blonde tresses which stretched to her mid back. 

Renata was very pretty, very intelligent, smart and was beginning to train to be the future heir to her father’s throne. She had milk skin, oval shaped eyes with a brown eyeball, pointed noise just like her mother's. She had all the features her mother possessed and was just like the younger version of her mother.

Renata had always dreamt of being the next Alpha to rule despite it being unheard of in their society. Her mother had however promised to assist and help her to attain the position.

Ever since Renata was nine, she had begun to train in sword fighting and at nineteen, even with blindfolds, she could fight ten different men at the same time. 

Defeating her powerful father was not a struggle anymore. One could say she was ready to be the next Alpha leader of the blue moon park. She was her mother’s favorite.

The third child was Adrianna, their father’s favorite. She was very pretty and intelligent just like her sister. She was just 15 years of age but acted like she was 24. She was strong witted and very nice. 

Adrianna  was loved by all and sundry, not just because she was the Alpha’s child but because she knew the rules and obeyed everyone.

She loved travelling with her father whenever it was time for business or anything and was the closest to her father. Their closeness had become a source of argument for many as they believed she would succeed the Alpha against her two older sisters.

Adrianna had always dreamt of succeeding her father and severally, it had caused issues between her and Renata as they both wanted to succeed their father. 

 Just like her father, Adrianna was tall and possessed a brown eyeball and jet black hair that stretched to her shoulder, a little shorter than Renata’s.

The second child was Eva. Of course, you could wonder why she came last. She had always been placed last.

Yes, her mother and father loved her but unlike her sisters, she was actually no one’s favorite even though the Alpha and Luna never wanted to admit it. She looked nothing like them both.

Her head was filled with grey curly tresses that stretched to waist length. Unlike Adrianna and Renata, Eva was not interested in anything pertaining to ruling or succeeding anyone.

Of course, she was also very pretty. The Alpha was very handsome and the Luna was a beauty to behold so it would not be surprising to find out his children were that pretty.

As a matter of fact, it would be strange to find any of his children to not be pretty as his cuteness coupled with the Luna’s was enough to make them pretty. Eva was 17 years of age and the laziest of them all.

Eva loved cooking unlike her sisters and as such, she was the closest to the maids.

Eva  would always lock herself indoors, reading books, painting, sleeping and sleeping again whenever she was not with the maids. The Alpha had always taught his children to eat like royalty, a training which Renata and Adrianna took. They learnt to eat in small portions but Eva? She would do no such thing. All she did was to make sure to stuff her stomach till she was too full.

This act disgusted her father but to please her father, she would eat in small portions right in front of her father and go behind him to eat what she actually wanted.

And oh! She loved sleep, a great lover of sleep.

“Eva!” The Luna’s voice thundered and shook the whole building. Eva stirred in her sleep as she furrowed her brows. She had placed a headphone on her ear to prevent her mother’s voice from penetrating her eardrums as that was the Luna's usual habit. She frowned as she raised her pillow to cover her ear.

“Eva!” The Luna screamed again. Still, Eva pretended not to hear. She was not going to answer her mother. She still needed more sleep. She hurriedly got up to lock her door as she knew her mother would be coming in but before she could lock the door, her mother’s strong arm pushed the door open.

“You lazy lady!” The Luna yelled as she forced herself into her room. 

“Mother!” Eva muttered sleepingly. She covered her mouth as she yawned. 

“You should be awake, you know your father is having a celebration today so grab your lazy ass and join us downstairs for breakfast” The Luna instructed with a frown before turning to leave.

“I will join you in a bit, you can leave” She rubbed her eyes.

“Join us now” The Luna  added quickly before closing the door after her. As soon as her mother was out of sight, Eva jumped back on the bed.

“Eva!” Her mother’s high pitched voice rang in her ear again.

“Fine!” She yelled back and got up lazily. She stretched and rolled her eyes to the left, to the right and to the left again before getting up.

Having a look at herself in the mirror, she knew her tresses were not looking so good. She had severally tried to dye it to change its color as she felt weird with it but it was like the dye was not in favor of her as it never worked for her.

Later on, she learned to accept herself and stop trying to change anything. Even at seventeen, she had developed feminine features that surpassed her sister’s. She sighed before walking into the bathroom to have a dental clean up.

"Hold on '' Eva instructed her growling stomach as she hurriedly washed her teeth. As soon as she was done, she dashed out of her room, hurriedly striding  down the stairs as she wondered why there was no such magic that could help one appear and reappear wherever they wanted.

In the Royal Knight Park

Alpha Klaus was the richest and strongest Alpha and was also the king of the Royal Knight Park. In addition, he possessed a beauty that could not be comprehended. He was tall with a black hair that stretched to his waist. He had a grey eyeball and a physique which screamed masculine.

He was very attractive and his Luna would always gush at how she ended up with a beauty like him.

The Luna herself was a beauty goddess. With blue ocean deep eyes, sweet soothing voice like honey, angelic smile and a cupid bow lips, she could be considered a goddess indeed. Her hair was black, although not like her husband's and it was a little below waist length, a little longer than her husband’s.

 Their union was blessed with two children, a son and a daughter. The son being the eldest; Ryan. A very strong and handsome wolf ; 24 years of age and a daughter by name Amora, 18 years of age but visually impaired. She was also a beauty to behold. No one would wonder where their beauty came from.

Alpha Klaus stared at his wonderful Luna who was carefully combing her hair, she had just finished having her bath. 

“Why the stares?” She giggled as she watched her husband lay on the bed behind her and stare at her with rapt attention.

“Cause you are the most pretty woman I have ever seen. I am mesmerized” He admitted as he just could not take his eyes off her.

“Do not flatter me” She blushed.

“Your beauty is….”

“Hmm hmmm, good morning mother and father” Alpha Klaus' eldest child and first son , Ryan interrupted as he greeted.

“Morning Ryan” Alpha Klaus greeted with a smile and so did the Luna who only smiled.

“Good morning mother and father” Amora greeted.

“Jewel of the palace, a beautiful morning to you too” Luna Ama smiled at her daughter even though the daughter could not see her.

“I am envious of you father, you got such a beautiful bride. I wish to have a bride someday as pretty as mother and praise her someday just like you praise mother always”Ryan smiled as he held his sister’s hand to support her and they both walked in to join their parents.

“Me too” Amora smiled “I wish to get married to a man someday who would love me for who I am and praise me daily not minding my situation”

“Of course, you will. I will ensure that” Her father pulled her closer to him.

“And that brings to my remembrance. Alpha Raphael invites us all to a party tomorrow. He is celebrating his victory as the leader of his park. It’s being a year he became the leader of his park. He wants us all to grace the occasion with his presence” Alpha Klaus informed.

“That’s wonderful. I would get to meet my friend: Luna Adrianna again after so long. I really miss her, you know?” Luna Ama smiled at her husband's reflection in the mirror.

“You could find your mate at the party… and you could also go for his daughter; Renata. She is very pretty.” Alpha Klaus turned to his son who was still standing. Ryan was quick to object.

“Never father. Everyone knows how rude and pompous she is. Have you heard she rejected 10 wolves whom the moon goddess had united her with. I do not intend to be the 11th” Ryan rolled his eyes.

“She is royalty and royalty is meant to be proud and rude, you know?” His mother turned to him.

“Then I would rather not marry royalty. I hope the moon goddess doesn't make her my mate. She is too rude for me. Royalty is not rude or proud. She only chose to be like that. She is not the first to be royalty.

Alpha Raphael’s children are very rude and uncultured. I am not rude neither is Amora and father has a higher ranking tha Alpha Raphael so they chose to be rude and that’s it” Ryan spat.

“Whatever. Can we go for breakfast now?” Alpha Klaus questioned.

“Yes!” Amora yelled in excitement as they giggled and walked out to the dining room. The table was set for them as the maids were standing nearby. Ryan could not help but imagine what it would feel like to behold his mate.

He began to daydream. She has to be pretty like his mother otherwise, he would reject her. His wolf rejoiced in him. It was going to meet its mate today. He could not tell why but he was super excited. How was he so sure he was going to meet her at the party?

Well, everyone both great and small would be present at the party so the chances of him finding his mate was 90 percent.

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