Forced Against Her Will?

Eva rolled her eyes as she walked over to the dining room, of course with lots of fake smiles as several maids greeted her occasionally.

What was she expecting? Of course, she was the daughter of the Alpha, everyone would want to be on her good page.

“Morning father” Eva greeted as she walked over to grab a seat.

“What is so good about the morning?”  He raised his brows. “Eva, what on earth is your problem? If your mother had not come to call you, do you mean to tell me you would still be in bed at this time?” He questioned as he dropped his spoon. Her mother did likewise and folded her hands.

“I am sorry father” She bowed as she grabbed a seat. Her sisters were about to be done with their meal.

“You are always sorry,” Her mother added as she picked up her spoon again.

“I wonder how the same parents gave birth to us both” Adrianna rolled her eyes.

“Stop that, Adrianna, she is your sister!” The Luna yelled at her.

“It’s true mother. She is so odd” Renata scoffed.  

Eva sighed as she quietly ate her meal. She was used to it. Her sisters had always bullied her. Sometimes, they could be sweet and all fun and the next minute, they would be thorns in the flesh.

She brought out a novel and began to read. 

“Can you just drop that book and have your breakfast in time?” 

“Yes mother” She dropped her book and began to eat. Suddenly, an unexpected silence overwhelmed the dining hall.

“We would be having lots of guests today and I expect you all to dress well, most especially you” He turned to Eva. 

Needless to say, she was not the fashionista just like her sisters.

“You have the habit of dressing like a slave. It must not be so tonight” Alpha Raphael warned with a stern look.

Her sisters giggled at their father’s words. 

“Yes father” She replied as she began to eat, lowering her head.


“Hopefully, Renata would find a groom,” Adrianna teased.

“And what’s that supposed to mean?” Renata turned in anger at her sister who was unbothered as she had a smile on her face consuming her meal with a smile.

“Exactly what it means” Adrianna added.

“Watch your tongue, Adrianna” The Luna frowned at her youngest daughter who showed no remorse.

“The girl s right. Your daughter is supposed to have a groom by now. I am getting older on a daily basis and very soon, I will die. We need someone to rule this park.

You as well as everyone here knows it is impossible for a lady to rule. Her husband is supposed to rule after me but how would her husband rule when she has none?  She is the eldest daughter of this family and she is supposed to get married. You definitely are not expecting me to give Adrianna out for marriage,are you?”

“You can give out Eva!” Renata yelled in defense. Eva who had been having her meal like it was none of her business suddenly choked, grabbing the attention of everyone. She had not done that on purpose as she was stylishly reading her novel when she heard them.

“Why would I be given out? I am not of age!” Eva disagreed. She was just 17 years of age. Why would she get married when her older sister was still not married? 

Besides, she was supposed to know her mate when she was 18 years, she did not need to be forced to any man.

“Cause you are useless. Everyone knows you do not have a mate and can never have one. As a matter of fact, I doubt if you even have a wolf in you!” Renata yelled angrily.

“True” Adrianna dropped her spoon.

“Enough!” Alpha Raphael yelled in anger. He had heard enough. “I am done with this conversation. There have been lots of people, important people coming your way as your mate yet you keep rejecting them. 

Still, the moon goddess keeps blessing you with different handsome mates but the more she hooks you up with a new mate, the more you turn them off." He paused to catch his breath as he spoke hurriedly.

“There would be lots of men coming tonight and I hope you find a mate amidst them else….” He stood up angrily driving fear into the heart of his children as well as wife. He passed a cold stare to his wife before walking out angrily.

Breakfast gone wrong!

Kendra stared at her daughter, her first daughter who had a sad look on her face and sighed before walking out to join her husband.

“You know Renata is just being careful, she does not bring home the wrong husband and I guess that is why the moon goddess keeps rematching her.

You should trust her afterall she is your first child.”The Luna tried to keep pace with her husband who was walking in a really fast pace.

“I do not care if she is my first daughter or not. She must bring an heir tonight”

Renata stood up disappointedly and left the table. Adrianna shook her head as she continued her meal. She was in no way bothered by the drama that was going on.

Even though Eva tried to shake off the feelings, she could not deny those words actually got to her. It was quite painful. As painful as it was, it was quite true. Even nature seemed to wage war against her as she was the only one who had not experienced shifting. Adrianna was just fifteen years of age and she had experienced her wolf shift four weeks ago. 

Everyone was excited for Adrianna and she also was but she could not deny the stare which her father passed her.

A stare to remind her she was a failure. Everyday, her sisters would bully her at every opportunity available. It was quite hurting but she managed to stay strong after all they were her sisters and were always ready to protect her anytime, anyday.

Both sisters would be willing to sacrifice their lives for her whenever Eva was in danger, She however could not understand why they would turn the other way round at times.

For a moment, Eva tried to act like nothing happened and continued her meal but deep within, she was very hurt and broken.

After consuming her meal, she walked to the kitchen. The maids were already at work. They seemed to work every second as they were always cleaning, washing and cooking but today, it felt like they were working every millisecond with the aroma of food filling the air. 

“Mabel!” Eva sang melodiously as she walked into the kitchen. Mabel was one of the maids Eva was close to. Mabel was way older than Eva so she was like a mother to her. She cared for her and treated her like her sister and daughter.

“Morning Eva, I believe your night was awesome” Mabel smiled as she concentrated on the egg mixture she was beating.

“It was, until mother woke me up with her high pitched voice” She rolled her eyes.

Mabel let out a soft laughter. “That was no longer a night, it was morning!” Mabel shook her head in disbelief “What are you doing?” She passed a stare at Eva who headed for one of the aprons that was hung loosely on a rack.

“Grabbing an apron, what does it look like?” Eva asked as she bent her head.

“Eva, you do not need to do this. We have lots of maids, your father would be so upset if he finds you doing this" Mabel tried to stop her but she was hell bent on doing her will.

“Then we better not let him find out” She whispered and smiled before grabbing another bowl of egg.

“You know, your family may really not see this but I believe you are the best. You are the most humble and I believe you would make the perfect bride of them all” She smiled.

“Thank you. The bread is for all the workers, right?” Eva asked as she washed her hands. When she was not reading, she was either cooking, or sleeping.  She never had the time for something else.

“Yes. All 47 of them” Mabel confirmed. Making bread for 47 people was way too much for her but she knew Eva. Eva would take it upon herself to make it. 

Alpha Raphael had gotten over the matter of his daughter. Although it was important for Renata to get married, he had to push that aside and savor the moment. 

He was going to be celebrated in a few days so he had to merry alongside his wife. Although the Luna was still not settled concerning Renata’s wedding, she had to play alongside her husband. She did not want to infuriate him.

“Alpha Raphael, you have a message” The King’s right hand man informed. Alpha Raphael was merrying alongside his wife for the forthcoming celebration. They drank wine as they celebrated. It was not an easy journey. 

“Read it” He ordered as he poured more wine.

“It says ‘I am indeed happy to congratulate you on your successful feat.  It gladdens my heart that you have successfully governed your park for a whole year without hitches. Best wishes

Alpha Tyrone, leader of the Safe Haven park” The servant read out aloud.

“Thank you!” Alpha Raphael yelled excitedly as though Alpha Tyrone could see him.

“What is the matter sister, are you tired? Adrianna tilted her head to the side in mockery of her sister, Renata who was breathing heavily. The duo were sword fighting, as a way of practice.

“Admit that I am stronger than you and I would let you go” Adrianna smirked.

“Never!” Renata yelled as they continued another bout of fighting. She was not going to lose to her younger sister. She was not going to accept defeat.

The fight continued and in a twinkle of an eye, their father and mother were out, watching them too. A smile found its way on Adrianna’s face. She was going to prove to her father and mother that she was better.

Renata on the other hand had to prove to her father that she was a professional and could defeat her sister therefore she intensified her efforts too while their parents looked, each silently wishing their favorite child wins.

Eva at the last end was determined to prove to Mabel that she could do the task conveniently with no issues.

She wanted to prove to Mabel that she was capable of handling a hundred workers’s food therefore she intensified her effort too.

“I finished the book yesternight and it was so fun!” Eva smiled as she washed her hand the umpteenth time. Mabel was scared and she could not deny it.

This was not the first time something of such nature was happening. Eva had always come to help her out but on a very day, her father caught her in the kitchen.

He was infuriated watching his daughter who was supposed to act royalty, cooking in the kitchen. It was disgusting to him and at that, he got more maids to cook for the entire house but Eva was so adamant on coming to the kitchen.

Mabel however appreciated the fact that Eva was learning to be a good woman and that was why she was always taking the risk but she couldn't help but fear, she did not want to lose her job.

"Eva!" They heard a loud scream.

"Oh my God!" Mabel held her chest in fear.

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