Chap 91: I love you like life, do you know why? Cause you are my life

Melanie tightened the steering wheel and pressed the accelerator to make the car run at a terrible speed. She successfully passed many police checkpoints but was followed by their pursuit because the police knew that Azura was in that car. The last checkpoint is in front of Melanie, and many police have gathered there. She stopped the car, her eyes steadfastly looking ahead, feeling very excited at this moment in her body. Melanie smirked; she said: "Let's get out of here."

Then Melanie revved up the gas, drove the car into the police barricade, and the gunshots rang out and shot straight at her car. However, Melanie drove the car so that no one was injured. She turned the car around, making the dust around the dust-covered, limiting the visibility of the police. Next, Melanie pulled the vehicle back to gain momentum and hit the barrier, causing it to distort and shoot out. Taking this opportunity, Melanie drove her car away in the night. After cutting off the policeman's tail, Melani
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