Chap 93: Eternal Love

While waiting for Conal's wounds to heal completely, Phelan and Alfred go to dispose of the corpses. The two find a still-usable cell phone dropped from Barton's accomplice. In his heart, he was secretly glad that he could use it to communicate with his people. Phelan approached Azura and Conal and calmly said:

"Conal, do you remember Reana's phone number?"

Conal nodded and asked, "Of course. What's up?"

Phelan held the phone in front of Conal, who glanced at it, smiled, and said, "Let's call Reana to come to pick us up!"

Conal grinned, his face still a little tired; he took the phone from Phelan's hand and replied: "Okay. Sorry for dragging you into dangerous things."

Phelan shrugged; he said calmly: "I feel like this is more of an adventure. It's quite fascinating."

Conal laughed; he felt sorry for Phelan and Alfred. If it weren't for him, perhaps the two of them would now have a peaceful life. Conal sighed; he glanced towards Alfred and said:

"Phelan, Azura and I are no longer immo
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