When Sheryl, Grandma and I got into the car, I was a little excited that we would be following the busy part of Silverwoods, the part I and Grandma were looking at from my balcony earlier on. I was anxious to see more of the pack members, to see how they live.

 It does not mean that I am interested, just simply curious.

 But Sheryl surprised me by taking a tarred road on the left. I felt disappointed but grandma did not. Even though this path was lonely with trees and woods that looked colorful with different colors and types of climbing flowers, she looked fascinated by it.

 I understood that she had missed her home so much. We got to a manor mansion and Grandma and I got down while Sheryl drove off after telling us the guards will lead us in.

 And they did.

I walked into a large spaced office room and noticed 6 pairs of eyes starring at me.

  Kelt and Sheryl stood side by side leaning against the wall with their dark hair pulled back into a low bun and complimenting their usual black outfit.

 I eyed Sheryl suspiciously wondering how she got here so fast when I and grandma had made our into the manor mansion before her.

  A middle aged lady with grey eyes sat crossed leg on a high table and she had dark hair too pulled in to a high bun, she was smiling lightly at me and beside her stood another lady whose short dark hair fell limply above her shoulders. She had dark eyes to match with her hair and was starring bac at me with cold and unreadable eyes.

  Just beside the two ladies is a man who is sunk in an office chair his legs swung over the handle of the chair. He had spicy dark hair and starred at me with a questioning gaze.

  Lastly, my gaze meets with a young looking man who stands at some distance away from the group with his back leaned against a window.

 Something about him looks familiar but I do not want to look rude starring intently at a stranger who I could not see clearly so I turned back to grandma and held on to her arm for support. She squeezed my hands gently and then smiled in an assuring way.

   ‘It is wonderful to have you back in our midst Joan, you have no idea. Welcome back to Silverwoods Annie, it is wonderful to have you back here with us. Back home. We have awaited the right time for you to come back to us, the time for the chosen one to return to us and joyfully the tie is finally here. Welcome.’

 She smiles calmly at me and I fake a tiny smile back at her nodding my head in thanks. The lady goes on to speak.

‘I am Terra, a keeper of Silverwoods.’ She spreads her hands at the fellow people around her. ‘We are the keepers of Silverwoods. You have met Kelt and Sheryl.’ She says waving at them and they in turn smiled back and nodded heads at me. She turns to the other people. This is Tana and Roy.’

 She pointed to the women with the short hair and the spiky haired man who was in the office chair. Terra nods her head at me with a tight expression while Roy tips an invisible hat on his head and whispers ‘Hello.’

‘And then, finally the Alpha of Silverwoods. Alpha Vane.’ She points to the vaguely familiar looking guy who was rested by the window. He straightens his posture and moves closer as he comes forward, stepping into the light and becoming more visible.

 I gasped. It was the stranger who emerged from the bushes last night, The large dark wolf.

‘Annie.’ Grandma whispered urgently shaking me out of my thoughts. I gasped again and snapped out of my thoughts to see the whole room looking at me.

 I gaze at the stranger from last night and he is smirking at me.

What a jerk!

‘Are you okay?’ Grandma whispered to me. Blushing I nodded my head and starred down at my feet.

‘She is a little er- taken aback with all these.’ Grandma said in my defense. ‘You see I had this hidden from her.’

‘Yes we heard about all that.’ Tana said with a scoff as she stood straighter. ‘We mostly Heard that she is just a high school cheerleader who is far behind in her role as an Alpha heir and as the chose one.’

 Tana is smirking wickedly at me and I can instantly feel the dislike she has for me.

‘Calm down Tana.’ Sheryl said in a defensive tone.

‘She is way more than you can ever know.’ Grandma said already getting heated.

‘Can everybody calm down?’ The stranger from last night said and stepped more forward.

The room fell silent and as the stranger who I have come to understand is the Alpha and Leader of the silverwoods, as he comes forward I can feel his confident aura vibrating through the walls of the room and I wonder if it is that or the embarrassment from last night that fills my chest with a heavy and racing heart.

‘We would like to know who you are Annie.’ He said and still holding that smirk on his face, he positions himself a few miles in front of me starring intently at me like he was trying to dig the answers through my eyes.

‘What does that mean?’ I ask him back confused.

 Alpha Vane lets out a laugh briefly and then clears his throat. ‘I expect that by now, you know what you are doing here.’ He said.

‘Um, not really.’ I turn to grandma and I am faced with her confused and disapproving look. I shake my head immediately.

‘I mean I do but I honestly don’t really get all these.’ I said and glanced at grandma with an apologetic look. ‘I’m sorry grandma but it’s true. I don’t really understand werewolves and silverwoods and to be an Alpha heir.’

 I sigh heavily and my shoulder drops down sadly. I look up and cringe as Tana smiles wickedly at me as if to show that I was bound to unimpress. Roy still in the office chair looks disappointed and so does Terra even though I can tell she is trying not to show it.

 Alpha Vane stands starring at me his eyes giving away no emptions as he stares blankly at me. Once again my heart races.

‘It’s okay baby.’ Grandma says unexpectedly. ‘What am I thinking? This will all be confusing to you.’ She takes my hand in hers. ‘Don’t beat yourself about it.’

 Tana cackles loudly and we all turn to her.

‘Yes, Annie. Don’t beat yourself about it now. You are useless to silverwoods after all chosen one.’ She said in a very sly tone.


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