Awkward moment

She searched her closet for a party dress, unfortunately she couldn't find the red strapless gown she wore on her prom night. She had searched thoroughly but it seemed like she didn't have the gown anymore.

Charlene cursed underneath as she looked at the clock on the wall. It was getting pretty late and someone was downstairs waiting for her to come down.

“What am I supposed to do now?” She ran her fingers through her hair, huffed with frustration. Her phone vibrated on the bed, she walked over and looked at the screen. 

“Dad? I'm fucking things up as much as I can.” She rasped, took her phone then ran out of her room. The whole mansion was hushed, since Charles was still in the hospital, Flavia was also with her mother. 

She looked around determinedly while sneaking into her parent's bedroom. She closed the door behind her slowly, although she was the only one around but she was fretful.

Her phone rang in her hand, she put it down on the dressing table then shuffled to their closet. She scanned through her mother's closet for a gorgeous dress.

 “She's fond of attending parties but this is extravagant for someone like her. Gosh, I have to be fast about this.” She ran her fingers on the railings till her eyes caught one shoulder sequin split long rose dress. “Gotcha! I hope you fit,” She grabbed the dress and checked it out.

She pondered why the dress fitted her perfectly, it wasn't her mother size or could it be she bought it for her? “Anyways, I'm taking this." She strode out of the walk-in closet, she took her phone on the table then exited the room.

She stalked in, placed the dress on the table before going to her closet to select heels, she selected a pair of silver ankle strap heels and a silver waist belt. 

“What do I desire from him? Just a glance from him is enough for tonight.” She murmured to herself. She dressed up, styled her long golden hair then concentrated on her reflection in the full length mirror. She took her silver purse and her phone before walking out of the room. 

She hoped her father wouldn't get mad at her for delaying. She gripped the stairs railings while descending the stairs, she tried to maintain her calmness when she saw him sitting on a sofa.

“Finally you're here. It took you a year to dress up,” Rowan said sarcastically.

She walked up to him and smiled anxiously. “I'm sorry for keeping you waiting." Rowan rose then dipped his hands in his trousers pockets.

“The dress…” 

Charlene refrained the urge of rolling her eyes. “I'm borrowing it for tonight, I'll return it to her closet later.” 

Rowan chortled as they headed outside. “That wasn't what I'm about to say… she actually wore the dress the night I proposed to her.”

Her eyes beamed astoundingly, and she couldn't believe what she was hearing. “oh, really?” Rowan nodded. They hopped inside the luxury car and the driver zoomed off. “This is her lucky dress,” She exclaimed tremendously.

“Um, it fits you perfectly.” He complimented, and she blushed. She wasn't expecting him to say that. 

She looked out through the car window, she wrapped her hands around herself as she felt a dart of nervousness. She couldn't decipher another feeling that arose in her. Throughout the long ride she didn't speak to her father, she preferred not to talk beside the only conversation she would love to have with him would be about Richard Sullivan.

The car came to a halt, the driver alighted and opened the door for Rowan to get down. He alighted then Charlene stepped out as her father held her hand. “Thanks, dad.” 

“Shall we?” She nodded once, took his arm as they walked alongside inside the massive room crowded with more than fifty people. 

She was getting nervous as they walked together, people's stares made her uncomfortable, nevertheless she had never attended any party like that. 

As if Rowan noticed her state of nervousness, he patted her hand lovely. “It's just a party, Charlene.” He reminded her, smiled at her brightly.

She inhaled and exhaled deeply before looking around for nothing particularly. People murmured as they concentrated on her. “Mr knight,” Someone called out from behind. Rowan stopped walking, he pivoted around to look at the person that just called him.

“Mr Sullivan,” They exchanged greetings. Charlene gulped air while looking at Bryant Sullivan, Richard's father. 

“It took you a while. There's something I want to discuss with you, let's go upstairs. Wait a second, is this my Charlene?” Bryant noticed Charlene, a bright smile clouded his eyes as he looked at the beautiful lady in front of him.


Charlene didn't know what to do, she wanted to greet but she couldn't think of a perfect way to start. Bryant noticed, he opened his arms wildly for her and gestured to her. “The last time I saw you was when you're little. Dear, how have you been?” 

Charlene moved closer nervously, he engulfed her into a warm embrace then pecked her cheeks. “Good day sir,”

“It seems like milady is nervous.” He teased and exchanged looks with Rowan, both of them chuckled. Rowan knew the kind of daughter he had, Charlene wasn't a shy lady but tonight she was acting strange.

“Will you like to come with us or do you want to enjoy the party?” Rowan demanded.

“Of course she can come along.”

“I'd love to look around.” She murmured before she could stop herself.

“Okay?” She nodded. Rowan shrugged before leaving with Bryant as they engaged in a conversation on their way.

Charlene looked around for nothing, almost everyone was with their partner while chatting rapturously. She was lonely in their midst. She walked up to a table and took a seat beside a couple in their late fifties. 

“I haven't seen Mr Sullivan around,” His wife said while looking around.

“Richard Sullivan?” 

The wife nodded. “Yes, he'll be given a speech but why isn't he around yet?”

“Probably he's in any of the rooms upstairs. I want to use the restroom, I'll be right back.” The husband said and pecked his wife's cheek before heading to the restroom.

Charlene breathed slowly, she glanced at the woman beside her. She took a sip of champagne and smiled at Charlene. “You're beautiful–” Charlene didn't pivot her head to look at the woman beside her, she thought she couldn't be talking to her. She was still looking around when she felt a soft tap on her shoulder. “You come with your husband?”

Puzzlingly, she parted her lips. “Um, no. I came with my dad.” She answered nervously.

“Your father? Wow, that's good.” She prayed silently that the woman shouldn't ask her any question, she didn't prepare herself for any sort of questions tonight. “And who's your father?"

Could she stop being inquisitive? Charlene had to resist the urge of huffing. “Mr knight, if you know him by the name–” She said, quickly looking away from her. 

“Rowan Knight, judging by the look you resemble him.” 

“Ha!” Charlene sighed confusingly, no one had ever told her she resembled her father, in fact she resembled her mother not her father. “Thanks.” That was only the perfect word she could come up with at the moment.

“Honey, let's go.” The man arrived and called his wife.

“Oh, you're back.” She took his hand and rose. “Enjoy the party sweetheart.” She said to Charlene before walking away. 

Charlene heard her husband asking her if she knew her but she replied with no. She told him she admired her beauty, it wasn't like they had met before.

Charlene sighed loudly. “Hey beauty.” A young man walked over and took a seat around the table. Charlene was lost looking around for Richard. Could he be around? “Hey,” He snapped his fingers in her face and that brought Charlene back.

She moved abruptly before gazing at him. “How may I help you?” She enquired a bit frustrated.

“Oh, I'm Devyn and you are…” He looked into her hazel eyes squarely.

“Charlene. I'm Charlene Knight.” She replied nonchalantly.

“Do you come with someone?”

She was getting frustrated with the question. Why was everyone asking her if she had come with someone? She nodded. “Yes, I came with my dad.” She said and scoffed.

“You're such a ravishing beauty.”

“Is that really a compliment?” She arched her brow.

“Not really. Let's just say, a perfect way of starting a conversation with someone.”

“Stylish.” It sounded more like a question.

Devyn gestured to a lady to serve them drinks too. She served them a new champagne. “You were saying…”

“I wasn't saying anything. You're the one talking.” Charlene looked around for a while. Devyn noticed she was looking around for someone.

“Are you waiting for someone?” 

She constricted her throat before switching her gaze on him. “No. I'm not waiting for anyone.” She lied. 

Devyn checked his watch, he hissed. “Why isn't he here yet?” He murmured but Charlene heard him. What he murmured prompted her to ask him who he was talking about but she couldn't bring herself down to ask. “Are you bored? It seems like this isn't the kind of party you love to attend.”

Of course she was bored, She chuckled. “Absolutely not, why would you say that?”

“Obviously you are. You don't seem to enjoy every bit of it.” Devyn's phone rang, he looked at her helplessly and Charlene understood his countenance, she gestured to him to pick up. He told the person on the phone that he'd join him soon. He hung up then faced her. “Do you mind coming with me?” 

Charlene would have protested but she seemed to enjoy his company. Once he left she'd be lonely again. She nodded severally. “I don't mind.” Without asking where they were heading, Charlene gave in.

Devyn smiled, he rose while Charlene drew the chair back a little, she stood up and she took her purse. “Damn it! I'm already getting bored since that jerk refused to show up.” 

“Who are you talking about?” Charlene asked curiously. She glimpsed at his face for an answer.

“A friend, I'm not sure you know. I'm talking about Richard Sullivan, do you know him?”

They hadn't met so she couldn't say yes to him, she shook her head vigorously. “I don't know him. I thought his father organized the party.”

“For the succession of his projects, Richard's projects.” They took the elevator to the sixth floor. 


They stepped out when the elevator slid open. Devyn led the way to a room, he pressed a button on the door and it opened automatically. “What are we doing here?” Charlene inquired as they stepped inside a massive room, it seemed like an organized living room. 

“My friends are here.” 

“Thank goodness, is he with you?” Liam asked, looking around for him.

Devyn rolled his eyes before taking a seat beside him, he gestured to Charlene to seat. Charlene had never felt like an intruder, she felt unwelcome in their midst. They all gazed at her then threw question looks at Devyn.

“Richard isn't here and you also brought a stranger. Who is she?” Scarlet queried while looking at Charlene awkwardly.

“That's not a proper way to ask and the way you're staring is illegal.” Devyn teased ludicrously.

“Who is she really? You just don't bring anyone here and Richard will be here soon.” Scarlet said.

“Calm down, Scarlet. He's not here yet so relax.” Adonis cautioned. “Is she your date?” Devyn shook his head. “Then who is she?”

“She's my friend,” He answered cheerfully.

“Friend?” Liam's eyes darkened with suspicion. 

Charlene was uncomfortable, there was someone she noticed among them that hadn't spoken at all. He was engrossed in his phone, with his hair brushed forward he was handsome, he parted his luscious lips then narrowed his eyes. Charlene quickly looked away as he already caught her staring at him. If she was to rank all of them, he'd surely be the first most handsome among them then Devyn, Liam, Adonis. Scarlet was the only female among them.

“Have you called him?” Devyn steered the conversation.

“Yeah, he has to wait for his son's babysitter before coming. He's already here but I think the old man is scolding him right now because he hasn't replied to my messages.” Jeremy explained. His voice was calm and Charlene wondered why he was so quiet even when others were discussing.

A child? She wondered. She didn't know he had a child or even married. Charlene was confused but she couldn't ask any question at the moment.

“Is there something on my face?” He directed the question to Charlene.

Devyn contracted his lips into his frown. He was annoyed by his outburst. “I love you when you don't talk, Jeremy.” Devyn huffed. 

“She's drooling over you but I guess she's going to drool ten thousand times if she sees Richard.” Scarlet mocked disgustingly. She didn't like Charlene for no reason and Charlene had no reason to like her either, she had a runny mouth.

Charlene gripped her dress infuriatingly. They were annoying and arrogant, except Devyn.

Devyn put a hand on her lap when he sensed how angry she was when scarlet spoke. She relaxed and took a deep breath. Jeremy looked at her, to be honest he was mesmerized by her beauty because she looked stunning. Her body was white like Snowwhite, she had a flawless face and pump red lips. She parted her long thick lashes as she took a deep breath.

“I want to use the restroom.” She whispered to Devyn. 

“Oh.” He puffed air out from his mouth. “You take that direction.” Charlene nodded, she rose then headed to the way he pointed at. The first door she saw, she considered it to be the restroom. She stepped inside. She had done that to excuse herself. If his friends were like that then Richard was no different? That perturbed her as she stared at her reflection in the mirror.

She breathed out then turned on the water, she washed her hands and stayed for a few minutes before stepping out. 

“Here is your purse.” 

“Thank you. It's getting late, I should leave.” Devyn knew she was going to make an excuse. The truth was, the only thing in her mind was to get the hell out of the room. 


“I want to catch up with someone.” She lied.

“But you said you came with your father. I'm sorry for the troubles, I know you want to leave because of my friends.” Devyn said in a low tone that only her could hear what he was saying.

“Not at all.”

“Let me accompany you out.” Devyn rose. Scarlet and others were in a deep conversation. Charlene shook her head negatively, she didn't want him to follow her. 

“You don't really have to. I'll find my way out, please stay back.” Devyn felt bad by her words. He sighed, he looked at her as she walked away. 

Something came to her mind as she stepped out of the room,there was a chance she'd get to meet him if she had stayed back but she wasn't comfortable around them. Her phone vibrated, she opened her purse while walking, she sidled across the hallway. She brought her phone out and looked at the screen, it was Charles calling.

She was about to pick the call when she bumped into someone and lost her balance. She moved unsteadily and at that moment she had twisted her right ankle due to the heels, she almost toppled but strong arms grabbed her by the waist before she could land on the tiling floor. Her purse slipped as well as her phone also hit the floor. 

“Be careful!” She heard a masculine voice and she felt a spark hearing his voice.

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