Arranged marriage

Kathleen walked around leisurely in front of her door, she attempted to open it but refrained herself. “Why are you doing this? Stay back if you're nervous. I don't know why you're stopping me from going inside when you're not ready.” Rowan said rapturously. She had been stopping him from opening the door and she wasn't going to open it. 

After Rowan informed her about the plan he had for Charlene, she was super elated after hearing the news. She was sure Charlene would be happy about the whole thing. Rowan hadn't mentioned anything about it to Charlene, she just returned from school so he thought it was the perfect time to discuss it with her.

“My Charlene will be excited after hearing about the marriage. I'm not sure I'm ready to face her right now.” Kathleen said enthusiastically. She clasped her hands then took in her lower lip, she parted her long lashes slowly while looking at Rowan.

“Then stay back, let me do it.” Rowan said as he rolled his eyes. He handled the doorknob but Kathleen was quick enough to stop him from twisting it. “Can we stay here for a while? I'm not ready yet and I want to be there when you tell her.”

“Since you're not ready, I'm heading back to our room.” Rowan enunciated, he was about to turn around when they heard the clunk of the door. Charlene stepped out of her room only to find her parents in front of her door. Kathleen pretended as if she was strolling around while Rowan and Charlene fixed their gazes on her perplexingly.

“What are you guys doing here?” Charlene inquired, looking at them suspiciously.

“Oh. I just want to say hi to you. Is Charles in your room?” Kathleen narrowed her eyes.

“You stepped out of my room two minutes ago.” Charles showed up behind Kathleen. She startled back when she heard his voice from behind. “What's going on?” Charles and Charlene exchanged looks, they shrugged their shoulders as they focused their gazes on their parents.

Rowan cleared his throat to attract their attention. “I want to discuss something important with you.” Rowan directed his sentence to her. 

“With me? I hope there's no problem.” Charlene was holding a text book in her right hand, he extended her hand to Charles and he collected it from her.

“Baby, it's something you've been dreaming of. It's just like a dream come true.” Kathleen announced pushing Charlene back to her room, Rowan entered then Charles followed, he closed the door then sauntered to the bed.

“What's it? You guys are making me nervous. Spit it out mom, dad. Wait Charles, do you know about it?” Charlene stared at him intently. 

Charles threw his hands in the air abruptly. He pouted his lips like a baby. “I don't know what they're talking about.”

“Can you two sit and listen to us?” 

“Okay.” They sat beside each other while their parents stood in front of them. Kathleen smiled brightly while looking at Charlene strangely. “We're listening.” They said in a union.

“You remember the last time Bryant and I excused ourselves to have a discussion? Well, actually it's about you and Richard.” 

“What happened to him? What about us?” Charlene interjected.

“Nothing really. Before I told him anything about you he had already brought up an arranged marriage between you and Richard. He asked a lot about you and after I told him that you love Richard after seeing his photo in the magazine, he was happy about it. Both of us concluded an arranged marriage between you and his son.” Rowan divulged anxiously. 

“What! Did I hear you right, dad?” Charles and Charlene gasped bewilderedly. It sounded like a boom in Charlene's ears. “Arranged what?”

“Very soon your dream is going to come true.” Kathleen held her hands in hers, she looked at her face feverishly.

“Arranged marriage for your daughter? What are you thinking dad? Whatever promise you made to that man, I'm not getting married to Richard. I'm not old enough to be engaged to anyone, moreover he has a son.” Charlene protested solemnly.

“That's not an excuse. Isn't that what you want?” Rowan tried to sound calm but he was exasperated by her outburst.

“What do I want? Dad, you don't know what I want. What I want is to go on a vacation after university, not to get married while I'm still in university.” Charlene said insolently and stood up.

“Charlene!” He hollered furiously. Kathleen looked at Charlene perturbedly.

“Dad, you also have to listen to me and put my words into consideration. This is about my future not yours, I'm not ready to start a new life with someone I don't know.” Her voice cracked emotionally.

“I want the best for you. Isn't that what you've always been dreaming of?” 

“Calm down dad.” Charles drew her to sit back on the bed. “I'm going to talk to her dad. Just give her some time to think it over.” Charles couldn't side with anyone at the moment. Actually she was supposed to make decisions herself, not her parents.

“Perhaps something happened at the party? Did he hurt you?” Kathleen murmured but none of what they were saying enticed Rowan, he left the room without sparing anyone a glance. “Charlene, talk to me. Did anything happen that night at the party?”

“Nothing happened. This is about my life. How can I marry someone I don't know, a total stranger?” 

“I'm going to talk to her, mom.” Kathleen walked toward the door reluctantly. She glanced back for the last time before exiting the room. 

“What now?”

“Arranged marriage, my foot.” She rolled her eyes.

“I thought you loved him.” 

“Of course I still do. I'm just not ready for marriage, I'm only twenty-three.”

“I'll talk to dad. Just give me some minutes, I'll be right back.” Charles also left the room.

 Charlene scanned her room vaguely. She ran her fingers through her hair and cursed underneath. “That arrogant fool!” She gnawed on her lower lips.


All the babysitters he hired never met up to his expectations. Richard was a strict man, it was easy for the babysitter to exasperate him with their heedlessness. After the little home accident he fired the former babysitter then he hired Tylor.  

As docile as Tylor seemed to be, she was a kleptomaniac. Richard had caught her stealing from him through footage but he said nothing. It had gotten to a point that she stole his wedding ring. After he divorced Henrietta he took off the ring to forget about the memories they shared together. 

Tylor trespassed and she was going to pay for it. He had kept quiet but he wouldn't let it go this time. “I'm sorry sir. Please don't let them take me away. I promise I'm going to change.” Tylor scrawled away from the cop's grips toward where Richard was sitting.

“Do you need me to do your job for you, huh?” He snapped at the clumsy cops ferociously. 

“Of course not.” The cops handcuffed her then took her away.

“Oh, I don't know why you can't stick to Nanny Harley.” Devyn scoffed, relaxing on the sofa.

“That woman is old, she can't take good care of Miguel at all. I have to hire a new babysitter, not Nanny Harley.” 

“Today is too late,maybe tomorrow. I gotta go now, I have a date with someone.” Devyn lifted his hand to his face, glanced at the watch then sighed loudly. 

“A date with one of your side chick? Hump. You're just a fucking asshole.” He scoffed, then up he rose. He took his phone. 

“You aren't any different. At least I'm still better than you, all you do is sneak under their skirts and treat them like trash. You're a real asshole.” 

“Ouch! That hit me so hard. Let me accompany you outside. I have an appointment with dad tonight.” 

They sauntered out to the garage. Richard pressed the remote, his car beeped indicating an unlocked sound. “The business trip is in three days right?"

“I'm not your personal assistant, go meet your sexy PA.” Richard opened the car door, he hopped in and drove out of the mansion before Devyn.

He drove into the parking lot, he alighted majestically. He stalked inside and met Luciana in the living room, cuddling on the sofa while going through her phone. “Mom.”

“Your father is upstairs. I know you're not here because of me.” She drawled without sparing a glance.

“Actually I'm here because I need your assistance.” She put her phone aside, switched her gaze to meet his. Richard sauntered to a sofa, he sat down and faced Luciana. “I fired Miguel's babysitter.” 

Luciana twisted her lips and gave him a nonchalant gesture. “So?”

“Mom, I'm going on a business trip in three days and there's no way I'll hire a new babysitter I know nothing about. I can't be reckless to leave my son in the hands of a total stranger.” 

Luciana blinked severally and her gaze focused on him. “Okay… what exactly do you want me to do? To be your son's babysitter?” She asked annoyingly.


“Son. What do you want me to do?”

“Help me out.” He demured, looking at her pitifully.

“I can't help you. You should have thought of that before you went ahead and divorced her because she chose a contract over you. It's her life, you know the kind of person she's before you married her and now, you're complaining. You ought to love thy woman in any circumstances. The maids can take care of your son while you're away. I'm not a babysitter, I'm someone's wife.” Luciana seethed, contracting her lips into a frown. She took her phone and put her feet on the floor.

A maid motioned to Richard anxiously to demand for what he'd like to have at the moment. “Sir would you like some…” 

“Get the fuck out!” He snapped, making the maid flinch back stunningly due to his rasping voice. Other maids hid behind while pacing back sluggishly.

“You don't really have to get angry at the maids. You keep firing the babysitters the same way you fire your workers. None of them ever satisfied you. I don't even think there's anyone out there that can ever satisfy you, you're unappeasable. Richard Sullivan, shoot your shot for once.”

“What you need isn't a babysitter. You need a wife.” Bryant interrupted instantly as he stepped down from the staircase.

“What do you mean?” Puzzled, he lifted a brow at him with his eyes darkened with suspicion.

“I'm pretty sure the next babysitter you're going to hire will abduct your son. You're being careless with my grandson and I won't let you continue like this. I've discussed the whole thing with Rowan and I'm so glad he gave in to the arranged marriage proposal. Prepare yourself for that.” 

“Arranged marriage, seriously?” Luciana jeered disgustingly.

“If that's some kind of joke, you have to stop. I don't need a wife!” He yelled, showing dislike.

He chortled then looked at his face. “Of course you don't need a wife but Miguel needs a mother. Someone that will take care of him not some stupid babysitter. I don't care about your opinion, my decision is final. We're going over to their place tomorrow and you have behaved yourself, Richard.” Bryant announced hostilely. “And one more thing, she's kind of your woman. After the marriage I'm pretty sure you'll be serious with your life and stop fucking around.” He pivoted to the stairs, he ascended the stairs heading back to his room.

“Like hell you're joking dad.” His eyes popped open bewilderedly. He blinked his eyes puzzlingly as he clenched his fists tightly.

“Of course not. He's not joking.” Luciana interrupted, putting her hand on his shoulder. “You still have a chance with her.”

“I don't get you?” Richard arched his eyebrows irritatedly. He was perplexed and didn't understand who she was talking about. 

Luciana motioned away from him, she halted on the staircase then glanced back. “You haven't heard?” She asked then gripped the stairs railings. “Henrietta is back. I sent her an invitation, she's coming back for Miguel.”

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